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[2FA] Change of Instructions

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I'd like to discuss these instructions, why they are bad, and why they need to be changed.



One of the largest reasons 2FA is not used on a mass scale is for convenience. Many that don't use 2FA don't even realize you can use it on your desktop, or in your web browser. Many think it is only on your phone. One reason is because of these instructions.


My suggestion is to please consider removing all the recommended apps, and instead use AuthyAuthy not only has a download for your phone, for your desktop, and for your web browser... It is also all integrated. Meaning you scan your QR code on your phone, then you can download Authy on your desktop, and it is already activated and generating PIN numbers.

This means that if you lose your phone, you can simply log in two other different ways, and no locked account. Currently, if you use the suggested apps and lose your phone you are S. O. L. This is impractical both on the users and the staff, and can be easily corrected by using proper software.


You also need to stress the importance of SAVING YOUR QR IMAGE, THE MANUAL CODE, AND THE ORIGINAL EMAIL. This is essential for regaining access to your 2FA.


I understand you guys don't have an effective way for reacting to players who lose their phones and get locked out of their accounts. I get that it causes complications being reactive like this. So why not be proactive and fix the problem at its source? All it takes is literally 2 minutes of changing the text and links in the website editor. And will save players weeks and weeks of being locked out of their accounts.


Even if staff chooses not to listen to this, I urge all players to use Authy or another 2FA that has integrated services across devices. And I urge you all to save your QR code in case of emergency.

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