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Keeps Disconnecting on login

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Hey, don't normally write tickets but pretty much tried all I can think of. This is my first time logging in, and I have 2 issue's having to do with connecting to the server.  The first is that it just disconnects me when I try to log into the game at all, my e-mail is verified and everything.I run windows, I have checked that I have version 1.12.1. I have the folder on my desktop not in my programs file, though I do also have official WOW on my pc but I haven't read about that being an issue. I have sorta fixed this issue by deleting the WDB folder and deleting the config.wtf file. I have to do that every time I re-open the game otherwise it hangs at login. After I do that and go to choose a realm I hit connect, it connects and then immediately disconnected me. I have also checked to make sure that the only contents in my realmlist.wtf file are set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org. Really at a loss, sorry.

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Please try


Make sure that the client you downloaded was 1.12.1. People have been known to download others.

If you are on Windows, make sure that the World of Warcraft folder is not in Programs, the desktop is fine.

If you are on a Mac, make sure that the World of Warcraft folder and its contents are not write protected (Getinfo)

Open the World of Warcraft folder - delete the WDB folder, it is cache and will rebuilt.

Open the file realmlist.wtf with a text editor (NotePad/TextEdit)

Make sure that the realmlist.wtf's CONTENTS are ONLY 

set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org

There is a folder called WFT, open that, delete the file called Config.wtf if it is present.

Start WoW.exe (Windows) or WoW Classic (mac)

Enter your Username and password

Choose a realm

Usually good at this stage

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