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Will try my luck i guess

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  So, i've always wanted to play vanilla (as i've started the retail early January 2007 just before TBC) in a populous server where there is an active community where you will be able to find groups for dungeons, and active and rich AH and adventure with other players through the open world.

  Though, with the massive amounts of people there is the unavoidable matter of ganking, leveling harassing, quest giver killing etc. I know this is whining but to be honest, when you have a certain amount of time to play and enjoy the game those things are spoiling the fun. I guess that if i will stop because i "Dont have time for this shit" nobody will miss me, the server will keep booming and life will be good. Still. i want to know if it is possible and how this would affect the nature of a pvp oriented server to have the pvp toggle option like in the pve servers. I know its fun to ambush 1 hit with your rogue a lvl 20 clothie (its not, its pathetic) i am trying to figure out a "solution" for like minded people like me, who can play over a limited time per day/week and dont want to go to dead servers where it will be like (almost) single player with the majority of the players on level 60 in BiS.


Thanks for your time, and wish everyone to keep having fun.


*my apologies if there is a duplicate topic, truth is i just put "gank" in the search button but didnt see something like that in the first topics

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