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Some tasty macros (no addons)

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Hello, back when I played a druid I wanted to make spammable shapeshifting macros that would let me control my forms the best way possible, and also I didn't want to use any add-ons for macros.

So this is what I came up with, perhaps some will find it useful.

1. Dismount macro - not very useful by itself, but is used for other macros. I placed it into slot №27, see the action bar slot reference:





/run local i=0 g=GetPlayerBuff while not (g(i) == -1) do if(strfind(GetPlayerBuffTexture(g(i)),"Mount"))then CancelPlayerBuff(g(i)) end i=i+1 end

2. Dismount + switch to caster form - somewhat useful, but still mainly used by other macros. I placed it into slot №37.


/run UseAction(27)
/run for i=1, GetNumShapeshiftForms() do _, name, active = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(i) if( active ~= nil ) then CastShapeshiftForm(i) break end end

3. Cat form.

It will dismount/cancel any other form and then switch to the cat form, and if you're already there, it will activate "Track Humanoids".


/script c=CastSpellByName; f=UnitPowerType("Player"); if not (f==3) then UseAction(37); else c"Track Humanoids"; end; if (f==0) then c"Cat Form"; end;

4. Bear form.
Same as above, but for dire bear form. You have to edit it if you only have normal bear form. 


/script c=CastSpellByName; f=UnitPowerType("Player"); if not (f==1) then UseAction(37); else end; if (f==0) then c"Dire Bear Form"; end;

5. Travel form.

Unlike other macros, it won't cancel any other form, so you have to use it while you're in caster form already.


/run local i,x=1,0 while UnitBuff("player",i) do if UnitBuff("player",i)=="Interface\\Icons\\Ability_Druid_TravelForm" then x=1 end i=i+1 end if x==0 then CastSpellByName("Travel Form") else end

You can place all those macros whenever you want, just make sure that commands like UseAction() link to a correct macro.


PS: while I'm at it, here's the video of how you can use shred against mobs 1 vs 1 for faster and more efficient levelling:


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