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Vanilla Paladin Questions

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Hi there.

As my current WoW sub is running out, my mind has returned to the days of yore when I was a stupid kid that couldn't focus and couldn't play Vanilla proper. Now that Elysium exists, I figure I should man up and play WoW when it was in it's golden era. Or at-least one of them.


Enough of the backstory. I want to run a Paladin, and I've heard a couple of varying things in the Vanilla days, so I'll ask a few questions.

1. What is my role exactly? I've heard that Paladin in Vanilla get relegated to healing, which I'm alright with, but if I'm going to heal I figure I might just run Priest.

2. Is the Alliance actually populated? I don't actually want to play a class on a faction that doesn't have a raiding scene.

3. How quick is leveling? I've heard the legends of Vanilla grinding, but I wasn't sure if this was somewhat alleviated here.


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Direct answers to your questions.

1. For leveling and 5/10 mans you can play as whatever spec you want however for raiding most guilds will never run a retri as their dps is sub-par and very few will run a prot as their use is limited. Some guilds do take these specs but not many. Healing is what the tiers are geared for and what most pallys roll as.

2. The alliance and horde are both roughly equally populated on the pvp servers while they are the vast majority on darrowshire. There is a flourishing pve scene on all the servers though.

3. Expect to spend at least a week spent just leveling, up to a month if you take your time or don't follow a guide (a hunter speed run takes about 5 days and a pally is a lot slower). Elysium is as Blizzlike as possible and this includes no speedboosts or free xp etc

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1) If you know what you are doing any paladin spec is worth bringing. They all bring utility and a variety of valuable buffs, raid wide and group only. The only negative is the stigma people have against paladins because of the long history of wow and also implementations on private servers. Everything comes down to the composition of the raid, the people you play with, and where you would be most valuable despite what the min/maxers claim to be best for you (min/maxed raid setups aren't common place).

2) yes, very close to a 50/50 split give or take 1-2% at any given time.

3) When you hit 34 change spec to get reckoning and you won't look back. Use the sit keybind before an enemy swing and get free attacks. It drastically speeds up kills to anywhere from half to an eighth of the time per kill normally. As a bonus, you don't have to worry about mana too much once you get Seal of wisdom at 38. If you face hard hitters, use Seal of light and it practically erases the hits away. Hint, if you can, get really slow weapons around 3.8 speed if possible.

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