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  1. Nirinia

    ZG patch and BRE?

  2. Nirinia

    Wrath 8 set bonus: useful?

    the effect goes like this: block->4% chance of it proccing->auto-parry. the effect gives 100% bonus parry.
  3. Nirinia

    Question regarding sword spec

    procs off any white or yellow requiring a melee weapon (only the hand that is using the sword). On this server it adds a white attack.
  4. Nirinia

    Wrath 8 set bonus: useful?

    8 piece t2 is essentially 4% of your block value, ie about 1.5%, since it is a 4% chance after you block to gain 100% parry. So its not a massive bonus and 1% hit is imo a lot better. 4% chance After You Block to parry the next attack
  5. Nirinia

    Warlock DoT grind

    that sounds like its from a different server where the mobs' speed is set too low, you can't do it on Elysium's servers
  6. Nirinia

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    @Killerduki please provide relevant evidence (from the period in question, expansion content does not count). now let's drop this before the thread gets locked
  7. Nirinia

    [H] WTB Heavy Junkbox

    it's for ravenholdt rep
  8. Nirinia

    Max Pet Resistance?

    no, only the highest rank takes effect
  9. Nirinia

    Vanilla Paladin Questions

    Direct answers to your questions. 1. For leveling and 5/10 mans you can play as whatever spec you want however for raiding most guilds will never run a retri as their dps is sub-par and very few will run a prot as their use is limited. Some guilds do take these specs but not many. Healing is what the tiers are geared for and what most pallys roll as. 2. The alliance and horde are both roughly equally populated on the pvp servers while they are the vast majority on darrowshire. There is a flourishing pve scene on all the servers though. 3. Expect to spend at least a week spent just leveling, up to a month if you take your time or don't follow a guide (a hunter speed run takes about 5 days and a pally is a lot slower). Elysium is as Blizzlike as possible and this includes no speedboosts or free xp etc
  10. Nirinia

    Improved Drain Soul not working?

    the talent is great for leveling so why wouldn't you use it?
  11. Nirinia

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    if it got intentionally removed then there won't be anything to find, if it remained then there will be evidence of it. Those are the only options. I have no qualms about it either way but I'd prefer it if people would provide evidence before making a claim
  12. Nirinia

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    my issue with your counter-argument is that you are claiming that a stealth-REMOVAL is a positive claim. It is not, it is a negative assumption and should be treated as such which places the burden of proof upon the counter-argument. Your side is using the good old religious argument of, we say something exists and its up to everyone else to disprove it. Saying something existed before also has no bearing on it being removed. If anything it would mean there should be more evidence of it existing however no one seems to be able to find any. This means that your argument has no weight until you find some indisputable evidence. note that I am not saying it didn't exist, just that should keep quiet about it until you have proof, then there wouldn't be any opposition of any kind
  13. Nirinia

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    the burden of proof in any situation rests with the positive claim, in this situation that judgments stacked between patch 1.8 and 1.12. Agreeing with it existing before and (possibly, yes I said possibly) after does not imply agreement between those periods. Eg. A light can be on at 1pm and again at 3pm. Agreement that it was on at both these times does not imply that it was on in between unless it is seen or proven. It could have been fixed in patch 1.8 and later readded by accident with tbc.
  14. Nirinia

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    rofl there's footage showing hunters before 1.4 but no one has found any (that withstand inspection) for judgment stacking. A positive claim needs some evidence to stand on otherwise I refer to the flying spaghetti monster as an example. There might be one but without proof no one should accept it as fact.
  15. Nirinia

    DME Farming

    @Ram completely offtopic, he's asking about the spawn point when you camp out at the end of a farming run