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  1. Healing Spell Calculator

    are you sure it doesn't mean 50% of your base crit as a bonus?
  2. Priest Macros

    just make a macro for "/decursive" for now, you can figure out the rest in your own time or ask guildies
  3. Priest Macros

    get Decursive, its an addon that auto selects for you and also auto-targets
  4. Sunken Temple Q

    which server are you on? its out on darrowshire and anathema
  5. skill radius for gnomes

    it only affects the visuals, the size of the character has no practical impact
  6. Ironfoe: How many runs did it take you?

    if after 3 runs aiming for it, 1 month later tf. Now if only they'd make tf 1h again...
  7. The best of the worst

    Which of the hybrid dps classes is the best? Retri Pala, enh/ele shammy or boomkin/kitty druid
  8. Best offhand weapon

    slow mh for hard hitting ss with fast oh for poison application
  9. Reckoning Bomb - What procs build off eachother?

    anything can chain proc except those items/talents that add extra attacks like hoj and if, tf also can't chain proc. This is because it's hard coded not to allow them from multi-hit sources
  10. Fury Tanking Viability

    so how is it an unfair comparison? Raiding just scales everything up.
  11. Mind flay tic fix

    nah the patch referenced losing the last tick of channeling if you chain cast channeling spells (mind flay)
  12. Fury Tanking Viability

    the sheer damage increase from being unable to block does not compensate being able to mass pull and aoe
  13. Fury Tanking Viability

    the 2nd strat living run i was pulling a minimum of 2 groups at once and running off for the next pull just before it was cleared. In the 1st run I was pulling 1 group at a time and still needed to wait at least 3 times for mana. I had a raid geared priest as healer both times. tf and erb vs if/tf (it was before the fix). Full t2 otherwise
  14. Tailoring 1-300 Guide you could always just use this website
  15. Fury Tanking Viability

    a quick tl:dr, higher on meters means more healing needed means much more stress on the healers.