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Advice on Rogue

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Hey, well i am glad i stumbled upon this vanilla wow. Just downloaded and started playing last night and of course i have to be a rouge. Its been over a decade so sort of lost.

I was thinking of trying out this spec. I may be looking at things wrong.


Should i be taking murder? Does that 2% poisons help more? Maybe this is a pve/pvp question, if so ill stick with poisons. Works well enough in pve the way i see it.

Should i drop the 2 in ambush for elusiveness?

Should i just go with the typical 21/3/27 build instead? What are the benefits?

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From what I know, combat and 20 assassination is they way to go for Pve, and what you got there looks like a awesome PvP spec, I'm going to Try it when i get the chance. Personaly I'm going full sin 20 sub for pvp

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