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Any new players want some tips from a Vanilla player?

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These are just some things I appreciate about the game.

Be cautious on the quest item you choose as a reward.


For example,


If a plate shield sells for 1g 35s, and the Leather boots sell for 80s 59c - Why choose leather just because it’s your class fabric, choose the reward which provides you the most income, unless of course you require the upgrade.




If there is other people around obviously waiting to kill the same person you are waiting to kill, invite them to a party so that all get credit for the kill or the quest item.


(Warning: I do not believe quest credit counts for raids, such as Party #2, etc. It will only get credit for Party #1)




If you are fighting NPC’s, etc. which will reward XP and you are near death, without mana, whatever the reason, if you can get the kill which will grant you the XP to DING, you will be rewarded with maxed mana and hp.




If you are ranged, you have to learn to kite your threats and aggro so that your spell casting is not interrupted.




apologies for format.

If this is not too newb for the community, I can think about further stuff to post like this. (with better format)


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3 hours ago, Software said:

Not if you were a vanilla hunter who actually used Zin'rok.

lul, I was thinking the same thing.

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