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PSA: Gold Seller Organizations and You

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I'm sure everyone here is tired of characters spamming gold selling websites in every major city, in public chats... everywhere. Players don't understand why they are so prevalent here, but the truth is that gold selling organizations are a player-driven economy. Players may put the fault on the Elysium Project, but the only fault of the Elysium Project in this regard is the sheer number of its population, especially when we account for inactive players. 

Gold buying is very prevalent in this community, and most just think they will get away with it. This is a problem that all players need to have better awareness about and actively work together as a community to end this malicious scourge. The problem here is not the mentality that you are breaking the rules. There are many reasons Elysium Project has these rules in place. One of the very large reasons is how malicious gold selling organizations really are to the community. 

Let's take a second here and review this website: https://haveibeenpwned.com/

This website is a collection of all the large scale breaches. Feel free to try and putting your e-mail address in there, to see if you have been affected by any breach. What this website does not do, however, is account for any previous WoW private server that has had its database breached. An administrator of a dead private server has no sympathies when leaking or selling an old database full of player account credentials. This is one of the largest reasons we have so many compromised accounts here.

Gold selling organizations will literally attempt to compromise accounts either through these old databases, or through brute force hacking.

Elysium Project has been actively fighting against the latter, by enabling a temporary lockout if you try logging in too many times. Elysium Project has also enabled two-factor authentication to protect player accounts from these malicious attacks. 

As I volunteered here as a GM, I handled many different ban appeals. The amount of appeals Elysium Project receives for compromised accounts needing to be unbanned is staggering. While mainly accounts that have been inactive for more than a month are the most common targets, there are plenty of examples of players who are playing normally and then get their account locked the next day because it was compromised. 

Not only do these gold selling organizations compromise players accounts, but they also strip them of all items and gold they have, and send it away. And the icing on the cake is that they then use these accounts maliciously to bot and spam their gold selling websites that you guys see every day. 

We have active organizations here that compromise accounts, completely wiping them and then using them to spam all day long. And these organizations are funded by you, the players. The intensity of this spam shows how prevalent they are in this community. If regular players think there is nothing they can do besides report these guys, they are plain wrong.

I strongly urge all of you to take the time to change your password, and enable two-factor authentication. You guys all put so much work into gearing up your character and making them the best they can be. Can you imagine that just because you have not taken these simple steps, that you could lose all of your gold and gear tomorrow? You could literally log in the next day, and find your character stripped of everything. And the kicker here is that Elysium Project staff will reimburse you little to nothing. 

Beyond that, it is essential for you guys to not socially allow an attitude that encourages gold buying. If you or a friend of yours has bought gold, just know that you are aiding these organizations, and you are literally funding for players accounts to be compromised and the malicious existence that is gold sellers. Players need to take a stand against gold sellers, and to create awareness of how destructive they are here. If you or a friend of yours is thinking about buying gold, I hope you will listen to what I have said here and take note that the only reason all of this exists is because of players that don't want to take the time to earn gold.

Thank you, I know this is a long thread and I apologize for that. I just felt that this needed to be said.


Edit: Also, if you are going to enable two-factor authentication, it is essential that you save that e-mail with the QR code for later use. If you get a new phone, or your current phone breaks, etc.... It is a huge struggle to get this manually disabled, trust me.

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