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  1. Update the forum

    Will be updated.
  2. often i can´t write in General Chat

    You should be using keyboard language that contains english letters probably. Just change your keyboard language to English and see if it works.
  3. Disconnecting on Login

    In your WTF folder there is a config file, where you have to make sure that you remove the "SET realmName" part and restart your client, or just set it to SET realmName "Nighthaven". Tell me if it worked.
  4. not sure where to put this.

    Make an in game ticket from now on.
  5. Help recovering character/account.

    We have made several announcements, so please check out the announcement section in forums and discord. You wont be able to restore and play your old characters until our new, merged real - Stratholme is up. There is no official ETA on it yet.
  6. Cant use chat

    Please make an in-game ticket.
  7. Defence stance is not work.

    Greetings. Please make an in-game ticket.
  8. Cyclonian bug

    Greetings, unless you have a screenshot where we can see that you had those items, we do not restore any progress lost, sorry.
  9. How to report players

    Please take a screenshot where the player is abusing you and make an in-game ticket. You can upload your screenshot, for example, on and simply paste the link in your ticket.
  10. Character restoration problems.

    Greetings. We have made several announcements in discord and forums related to character restoration. You will be able to restore and play your old characters only on our new, merged realm - Stratholme. You can read more HERE
  11. HD models allowed?

    Be aware that using models is at your own risk, anti hack can still ban you.
  12. Am I missing something with log-in info?

    Your forum account is not related to your in game account, you can try to restore your password HERE
  13. The Tome of Valor Quest

    Greetings. Please make a bug report at
  14. Pet Spells cant be seem

    Greetings. You can find where and how to install WoW 1.12 client HERE
  15. Cant restore Character