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Boss looting failures

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From time to time, a boss will not drop loot as expected. In this case we will provide replacement providing the proper evidence is sent to us.

There should be one ticket, multiple tickets slow us down, confuse the situation and can lead to refusal.

This ticket should come from the raid leader or a nominated replacement. If the person sending the ticket is not the raid leader, they should say on the ticket in what capacity they are sending the ticket, and indicate that the named raid leader has asked them to.

The evidence should be in the form of a video. This video need not be the whole raid, just the segment showing the events below. Other than that, the segment should be unedited. A link to this should be on the ticket.The video should show at a minimum


a little before the the boss encounter

the boss kill

the looting attempt  either with its either whole or partial failure

a clear view of the raid ID interface should be shown - if it not legible on standard monitors using standard software, it may be refused

Shows the full names of every raid member present at the time of the kill

If the video is long, the times of the above events (time- stamps) should be stated on the ticket.

The video should be uploaded to a site that does not require registration or special software to view.

It is important to understand that this evidence is essential to a successful request. All players are expected to provide this information. If they do not provide it, we will not provide loot.


Only one ticket from each failure. Either from the raid leader or his designate. If you are a designate, indicate who the leader is.

If your request is accepted

A senior GM will generate a list of loot to be awarded. This will be communicated to the raid leader or designate. They should return a list of who should receive those items. The GM will either send those items by mail or deposit them into a character's inventory. If the list is "wrong", we can not help. If we make a mistake, we will correct it.

We do not accept

Stating the Raid ID in your ticket


Videos that show only the ending of the kill

Videos that do not show the loot issue as it occurs (i.e. off screen, or recorder did not witness it)


Draft Chinese  version









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