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Can not turn quest in

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This happens from time to time. One solution is to put all the quest items into your bank. Delete the WDB folder. To do this, exit WoW, do not just log off. Go to the WoW folder, find the WDB folder, delete this folder. Restart WoW. Get your items from the bank. Use a right click to move them to your inventory, then try to turn the quest in again. 

If the quest still can not be turned in, it is possible with most quests to abandon the quest without losing the quest items. Click on abandon quest in the quest log. If the game does not warn you that you will lose the items, you can abandon and re-accept the quest from the quest giver. it will usually be able to be completed at this stage. 

Sometimes the game will warn you about losing an item given at the start of the quest, but not any other quest items. Normally this item can be reacquired on re-accepting the quest. 
The fact that you have killed a certain number of NPCs will not be preserved.

Abandoning other quests, however, will warn that all the quest items will be destroyed. This is often not true. But, to be sure, take a screenshot of the items to include your inventory and character name.

If you have tried these techniques with no success, make a new ticket. Use the full name of the quest; state that you have deposited the items in the bank, abandoned or otherwise the quest, and have restarted WoW; state that you have deleted the WDB folder.

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