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GM Communications

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Greetings Everyone!

From time to time the GM team will wish to communicate information and reminders to the player base. We will be using this thread for that purpose.

Thank you.

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Greetings everyone!

Since Elysium’s launch, our naming policy has been very clear on what we consider inappropriate. In the past, we’ve typically been very lenient when referring to this section of our Terms of Use. Often we would only flag the player for a rename and warn the player that further name violations would result in harsher sanctions against their account. Lately, however, we have seen an increase in player and guild name choices that are extremely discriminatory and vulgar. Many of these names either make light of tragic historical events or promotes violence and hate against a race or people.

In our Terms of Use our naming policy (as of April 9th, 2017) reads as follows:


A. Naming policy

When choosing a character name, creating a guild, or otherwise creating a label that can be seen by other users using the Game or the service, you must abide by the guidelines set forth here, as well as the rules of common decency.

If Elysium staff finds such a label to be offensive or inappropriate, it may, in its sole and absolute discretion, change the name, remove the label and corresponding chat room, and/or suspend or terminate your use of the service. Guilds which violate the policy will be deleted with or without warning.

You may not create a name or label related, referring, incorporates or utilizes any of the following:

Religion, Politics, Organizations;

Nationality, Racism, Ethnics;

Harassment or Defamation;

Obscenity, Vulgarity, Insults;

Sexually explicit, Violence;

Hateful, Drugs, Unlawful;

Staff member or any staff oriented name;



Going forward Elysium staff will be taking a much harsher stance on names we deem to be extremely inappropriate which can include terminating the infringing account's access to our servers permanently regardless of previous offences.

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Very recently we've caught numerous players using programs, modifications, and addons which allow players to automate game play, whether or not they are present or active in game. This is also known as botting. This affects game play which can include automatically buying out auctions, using scripts to bypass the AFK system in battlegrounds or to queue up large amounts of players into Alterac Valley. We do NOT allow this and consider it a violation of our Terms of Use and we will sanction accordingly. This can include a permanent ban.

We want to provide all players with an equal level playing field and if you suspect any players breaking our Terms of Use to report them using our in game ticket system.

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We've seen an increase on players exploiting terrain geometry. The GM team would like to remind you all that such things are an exploit and will be sanctioned. This includes a permanent ban. The sanction is decided depending on the severity of the exploit. These are all obvious exploits as well, not something you would stumble upon by accident. For example, glitching a boss in a manner that lets you kill them in safety and/or avoiding their guards completely.

Using feign death or vanish or invisibility potions or invisibility cloak are all allowed tricks and can be freely used. You don't have to worry about them.

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Recently we've had to deny a number of requests for loot restoration from Raids due to (e.g.) Cache of the Firelord not spawning, or Onyxia not dropping loot etc. Unfortunately, to prevent abuse of the restoration system we have a minimum standard that all requests must meet:

You must include video evidence that:

Is unedited
Shows the complete kill (it does not need to show the complete run, just start to end of the specific kill)
Shows the loot issue (body despawned before looting, didn't drop loot, server crashed)
Shows the Raid ID clearly
Shows the full names of every raid member present at the time of the kill
This must be linked in your request. Only one ticket should be raised and it should be raised by either the raid leader, the master looter, or their official contact for this raid. Multiple tickets slow down response times.

In addition, if you are submitting a stream or multi-kill recording, you must tell us the timestamp in the video for the kill in question, AND for a point in the video when the Raid ID is visible. 

We recommend that every recording raider makes sure to open the Raid panel (O/Social -> Raid) and the Raid Info sidebar from there before each kill and/or immediately a loot issue is encountered. This ensures that compliant video evidence can be rapidly produced and allows GMs to act immediately.

NOTE: If you reload your interface or otherwise lose continuity of the raid, you MUST re-show the Raid ID and raid composition, if we cannot prove your video hasn't been cut and edited, your request will be denied.

Things we do not accept:

Stating the Raid ID in your ticket
Videos that show only the ending of the kill
Videos that do not show the loot issue as it occurs (i.e. off screen, or recorder did not witness it)
We absolutely want to help you when these issues occur, so help us help you!

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