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In regards to the use of my Character name, "Ghoulgamesh"

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If this user name is to be banned here for this post, so be it. However since I find a particular member to be salty that a character name he/she may have created to have been stolen by another is painfully ironic. I dont personally play WoW however it doesnt take much for an individual to go to any search engine and look up the name Ghoulgamesh.

***This message is meant specifically for the (POS) user: Make Azeroth Great Again.***

Do me a favour, MAGA...Maggie. Find some originality outside of other individuals material. Between you and some clown calling himself "Ghoulgamesh Deathbringer" not a second passes by without the thought crossing my mind of whether I should be kind of flattered that my character name is so liked random people are using it or if I should be infuriated by the fact it's being STOLEN by petty individuals claiming to be the original "Ghoul" just because you saw it and thought, "Hey, that's actually kind of a cool name with the wordplay there!" or because of the fact you lack any form of creativity what so ever. You have a post that is now closed, hopefully because a MOD saw the irony in the picture from the link you provided, in which you proceeded to complain about some "Random Individual" taking it upon themselves to register into a computer game using a name you think you are the only one to have ever used. Now, when I ran my name through a lovely search engine I prefer to use I highly doubted to find much outside of perhaps a few YouTube videos, however there are far more than just you two bafoons out there using my character name which is about as equally disappointing as seeing you pout while also being ignorant of the fact that you're also the "Pot calling the Kettle black."

Ending this here, next time yoy want to take it upon yourself to cry about someone robbing you of your "Original" character name, make sure that if you're taking it upon yourself to use someone else's character name to at least have the decency to give credit to the original creator, which in your case would be myself. The original Ghoulgamesh. ( By the way...it's odd my name wasn't taken in this forum. So far that I am actually very surprised. Kudos to all of you! I personally consider you all to not be asshole bags of what the f**K. )




(A.K.A. Grim)

(A.K.A. GhoulGuy)

(A.K.A. That's not what your mother told me last night)



Creater and Inventor of the character name and character concept of, Ghoulgamesh™



Edited by Ghoulgamesh

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First of all, that name is subjectively shitty,

Second, the name ' Ghoulguy'  is copyrighted by Nintendo as it's a character from the Mario bros. series. Ghoulgame is not really a creative twist.

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