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Get server error when trying to transfer chars

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Sorry, been away from the game for several weeks. Read the notice on the main Elysium page (elysium-project.org) dated 11-14-17 that said Anathema, Darrowshire and Elysium are being merged into one realm (Stratholm). Clicked on "Restore Characters" at top of page. It correctly listed my 5 chars from Darrowshire and my 2 chars from Anathema. But when I try to transfer them, I get "elysium-project.org says Server Error" on each char.

So I log into the game. The only servers displayed are Nighthaven and "Player Test Realm x 10"

So....what is going on ? I don't know why the Stratholm server is not showing up. Did it crash ? Did things change ?

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8 hours ago, Trommel said:

You cannot restore your characters atm while Stratholme has not been released.

Ah, ok. Well, I was just going by the latest announcement on the web page, which was dated 11-14 and said Stratholm would be available in 24-72 hrs. Guess that has been delayed. Thanks for your response !!!!!


UPDATE: I discovered I needed to change my realmlist.wtf file from elysium-project to lightshope. That did the trick...now all is as it was !!!!

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