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PvP Event: Orcs & Humans!

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Our next PvP event is scheduled to take place on January 22, 20:00 PM (Server time). The event is a tribute Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (first released 24 years ago), and will be a PvP battle restricted to low-level characters. It is open to all players who wish to to take part. It is time to build that level 1 twink you have always wanted to!

Players are invited to travel back in time to the First War of Orcs & Humans. At some point during the day of the event, NPCs will be appear in the Orc and Human starting zones to teleport characters through time to an unknown place in Azeroth where they will join the battle against the opposing faction.

Be aware that the portals are built on the dark magic of Medivh and the Shadow Council and are unstable. The faction leaders will only risk characters level 4 and younger. They fear the stresses of time travel will kill higher level heroes.

Want to participate?

1. Roll a new character, Orc or Human, and keep them to Level 4 or less.
2. On the day of the event, search your starting zone for the new NPC.
3. Speak to this NPC and decide if you'll answer the call to battle.
4. Slaughter the enemy!

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