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Q about Dawn Treaders

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I'm on Nighthaven and was wondering if the Dawn Treaders and the Mantle of the Dawn are currently in the game.   If so, I'll be trying to gather mats to have them made if anyone on Alliance side knows the patterns.   Thanks!

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Yes, The items Dawn Treaders and The (Golden) Mantle of The Dawn are in the Game. or at least should be if this is true Vanilla.

The items are gained by The Argent Quartermasters located For Horde: at the Border of Tirisfall and The Western Plaguelands.
And the Alliance Version is Located at the Border of Alterec Mountains and The Western Plaguelands, There is also a Neutral one Located at Light's Hope Chapel in the Zone Called Eastern Plague Lands.

Hope this Question Pleases your Expectations.

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