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A lot of the sections of the forum are outdated in terms of pinned posts, not the mention all the non-pinned-posts that are completely irrelevant by now. I think cleaning the forum would make it more lively, especially since the elysium reddit is quite desert too and the discord does not fulfill the same purpose. Personally, it really bothers me and I really regret that the community on the forum is currently relatively inactive.

Just a few examples of posts that should not be pinned imo, I can make a full list if you want me to.

  • Home/General/Discussion/Public Test Realm (1.7) Feedback Thread!: Not relevant for Nighthaven, I might be mistaking but this is dead anyway
  • Home/General/Discussion/[Download]: Server launcher and diagnostics tool: Not relavant anymore, this tool is basically useless since there is only one server up atm
  • Home/Community/Guild Recruitment/[Horde] Elysium PVP Server - Guild Master List: Not relevant for Nighthaven
  • Home/Community/Guild Recruitment/[Alliance] Elysium PvP Server - Guild Master List: Not relevant for Nighthaven
  • Home/Community/Guild Recruitment/Nostalrius PVP, Raiding Guild Repository 
  • Home/Community/Market Place/[H/A] Anathema Trusted Crafters & Enchanters List: RARE PATTERNS +55 Healing/+30SP-AQ/Alch/Tailor/Eng/LW/BS: Not relevant for Nighthaven

I think most of those are pretty self-explanatory. Furthermore, some non-pinned-posts should be in some kind of archive folder, like the guild posts that were published before Nighthaven. 

Finally, I must say most of us don't like the general design of the forum, it doesn't feel blizzlike at all and it is too dark imo, but this question has already been debated since the very beginning of Elysium and I do not expect you to answer on this matter.

Thank you for the effort you are putting into the project.

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