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Druid weapon skills

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I've found that AP of druid in shapeshifted form depends on actual weapon skill of druid. At least so it is shown in the character screen.

I played on official servers at TBC and WoTLK, and then actual weapon skill didn't make any difference. I raided as feral in WoTLK with polearm, having skill around zero. I remember it very clear, because when I found achievement for maximizing all weapon skills, I used to stay under the Dalaran, hitting some mobs, who was able to heal self, for I can keep hitting them for hours. In TBC I didn't know for sure, but I believe it was the same, because I didn't bothered for weapon skills at all, while I DID bothered a lot for weapon skills of warrior.

Maybe in vanilla it was other way? Do someone knows it?

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