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lvl 14 and can't /w or send mail

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Hi, my char ist lvl 14 now and I'm not able to whisper to other players...

I know that there is a restriction so that you're only allowed to use it once you reached lvl 10 (why, btw? I think it's very impractical if I'm online the same time as friends of mine but I can't have a conversation with them...well, anyway...)

However, while some days ago I was able to use /w, now I can't anymore, being told that I have to be lvl 15?

Same with mail. I was able to send mail  before  and even sent mail only hours ago. Now I get an "internal database error" being told, that I need lvl 15 to send mail...

Is that intended?

Thx in advance for an answer 🙂


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Intended for the reasons DarknessCalls said above - it helps with the gold spam problem which is a huge issue for the private server community.

May I suggest you and your friends utilize a free discord server to communicate in the meantime? Or if you do not want to create your own you can use the Elysium Project one if you wish. You can connect to it by clicking the icon in the upper right hand corner here on the forums.

Apologies for the inconvenience of not being able to communicate in-game at the moment.

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