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New horde mage (Jazira)

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Hi guys 


great server, I just started my troll mage im level 6 so far, her name is Jazira and yes troll WOMON are thic XD


I'm just wondering if there is a nice guild I can join :)


also is mining a nice money making skill? its been 13 years since I played wow vanilla 


anyways I'm playing the game for fun and I never actually seen the original game end dungeons (raids) since I never really had the time and when i did Blizzard would release an expansion and the old raids were abandoned    

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Welcome to the server! make sure you do the command: /join world

This will let you access the ingame world chat where many guilds are looking for members. You will be unable to speak in tells until level 15, so keep up the grind until then!

Mining does make good money. Many people like to level with gathering professions so that you can sell items as you level up for profits!

Good luck!

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