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What is the beta xp rate? It isn't 1x

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I've looked everywhere I can think of and asked on discord. The xp rate is clearly at least 150% of normal. I'm trying to level through the belf start area, and I had to skip at least half the content because I was outleveling it.

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Pinned Message from Discord #TBC-General channel states:



TBC Test Server General FAQ

- Sign up here

-Get your 2.4.3 client here:


Or just google search WoW 2.4.3 client.

Set realmlist to:

- Phase 1 of TBD testing is general mechanics, questing, and normal/heroic instances.

Please report bugs/issues to:

General info:
-This is a beta test server.

-We are NOT copying characters from Nighthaven

-You cannot log in using Nighthaven client

- All level 60 vendors are in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Level 70 vendors for instance testing are in Shattrath.

- 10x EXP, Profession, and Skill rate, 10k gold. All characters start at level 60. Draenei and Bloodelf will start at level 1 for testing new zones. 



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