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Account closed- have not played in forever.

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Hi there. I was wondering if I could get the ability to log into my account? I can sign in on the website, see my  control panel, my characters, etc, but when I try to log into the game I get the message: This World of Warcraft account has been closed and is no longer available for use.

I'm sure a quick verify will see that I did nothing. . . my wife's account still works, which I've been using to get my fix, but I'd love to get my actual account active!

Account name: Seronic


thank you,

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Some accounts were locked while inactive. Simply reset your password and you should regain game level access. Also, since you have not played in awhile and if your using a different computer from your wife - ensure that the install on your computer has the proper realmlist.wtf login settings you can find the proper language in the Beginners Guide in my signature.

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