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Ultimate Vanilla Guide Pack

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Call of Fire - https://youtu.be/aedR-zuENCE

Call of Water - https://youtu.be/bjksRvgmyr4

Call of Air - https://youtu.be/jprGHkVyibY

Felhunter quest - https://youtu.be/oIJtTWfWK8E

Succubus quest - https://youtu.be/wb6ORDIgNnY



Profession Guides


Enchanting - https://youtu.be/9OWput4sipQ

Herbalism - https://youtu.be/gFI8OnSubOE

Leatherworking - https://youtu.be/-GycPK8mF-Y

Alchemy - https://youtu.be/dQ0EATYQBvg

Skinning - https://youtu.be/JmP74cBVgL4

Tailoring - https://youtu.be/ie32QXCSL_E




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