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Character recovery

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Hi there.

I recently came back to the vanilla scene with the recent 'classic' announcements. I played on Nostalrius and on Elysium (when they transfered).

I had a level 48 Warlock named Genovin but when i logged in i did not see the character. In the realm list it did indeed say (1) behind the top server but upon choosing that realm it did not show up. So i created a new character (level 15 mage right now) but i was hoping that i could recover my old character somehow. 

Below are some screenshots from my character, even during the Nostalrius shutdown.









I do also think I played on Anathema (if i spelled this correctly) with this character (not sure if server was from nostalrius or from Elysium or in between.)

I hope this could help me recover my character. If there is any more information needed to help the recovery I will try to do so.


( i posted this already a few months ago and still no character showing up except my level 15 mage...)

Friendly greetings

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The old nost characters were migrated to our Anathema database. Anathema has not been integrated into our current server, Nighthaven. We have not given a date yet when this will happen.

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