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Best Protection Paladin Guide in Classic

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On 4/29/2019 at 5:38 PM, Dzykei said:

Hey, killerduki, nice guide. Big fan of you, could you make similar guide for retries? :)

In future , perhaps


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Hey Duki!

Pretty cool guide, and You are an absolutely mad man (in a good sense, no trolling intended). Im not playing on private servers and never played vanilla, but for some reason i've always liked unconventional 'gimped by desing' classes (ele sham, prot pal, feral dru, oomkin) more than minmax meta crap.

I'm not sure whether or not I even gonna play Classic when it comes out cause real life takes too much time, but anyway would like to provide some (hopefully constructive) criticism. Maybe it will be useful for people who will play prot pally.


First of all, in your first build there is 5/5 Divine Strength, and 5/5 Onehanded Spec.

Since prot pal deals the least aggro from white attacks (not sure about numbers but i might guess its about 10% of total on single target) so investing 5 points for 10% more white damage doesnt seem like the best idea to me. Actually if this talent increases overall damage while carrying 1h weapon, it is extremely useful, but from its description it doesnt sound like this. Correct me if I'm wrong cause i dont have the actual info on how it works. Also I dont know if it affects the seal damage, it might be useful as well in that case.

Personally if i had to re-distribute one handed spec points, I'd put 2/2 into Guardian's Favor for 2 min less cooldown on Taunt BoP, the other 3 points can go to either Kings, imp Stun, imp Dev Aura or even back to Onehanded Spec, depending on situation and raid composition.

And I'd remove 5/5 Divine Strength or Div. Int. and put them into 5/5 imp. Seal of Righteousness. Again, strength provides a minor increase to white dmg which is almost useless for TPS, and like 1 block per 20 str if I recall correctly, so at max level it will be +2-3 block value from this talent? Int basically increases mana pool, which might or might not be a big deal.

Considering the second build, you took 2/2 imp. Judgement, and on single target you will only spam JoR + Holy Shield, and by taking reduced cooldown, you desync these abilities, so you wont get the tick of mana regen from spirit between the cast cycles most of the time, and it will sometimes cause you to skip 1.5 sec because your DS and Judgement cooldown are coming up at the same time and you cant cast them both. It's a very minor thing, the build is still fine, just wanted to point out that this talent might have such implications.

And considering improved Lay on Hands, is it such a big thing? I mean if another Holy casts Imp. LoH on You, You still have the + armor buff for 2 minutes, and they dont stack, do they? So basically you only get 40 min CD instead of 60 min CD?


Unrelated, the video is great, but Your crapping on Warriors is a bit over the top (at least this is how I felt it sounded, maybe wasnt intended), for example about them running out of rage on raid bosses, and Shield Wall + Last Stand being useless. I also think that Pallies can Main Tank and be viable at it, but I dont share the same attitude that in Vanilla they were almost better than Warriors, at least because -10% damage taken from Def Stance and overall better itemization, no matter how to look at it.


Another point, in another thread some years ago you said that paladins cant achieve uncrushability. I dont know to which patch were refering and if this statement is valid for all content which will be available in Classic. In the video I didnt hear anything about this as well, so I decided to do some research. Note that this is based on the data available in the open sources on the internet and may very well be inaccurate, numbers on items may be wrong, some buffs may not stack etc. etc.. Also I might have made some calculation mistakes so if you can prove me wrong please do it, it will save a lot of time to ppl who will play on the official servers when they launch. Actually, the video would've benefitted a lot if You explained how hit tables work (about Crit, Crushing, how def cap is caluclated, what does one need to achieve crush-immune, etc.).

So, a 60 level Human Paladin will have 65 agi, 0.7% base dodge, 5% base block parry and miss. +30% block from Holy Shield, 4% parry from Deflection. A pally gets 1% dodge per 19,767 agility, I consider the player to have Blessing of Kings (having it with Sanctuary, Light and Wisdom is pretty much a given for a 40 man I'd guess). I've tried to include pre-Naxx gear, but might have made mistakes here as well.


Elixir of Greater Agility +25 agi



Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops +25 stam, so no place for agility here



MotW improved +16 agi


Buffs/debuffs that were NOT included:

Ground Scorpok Assay (can only carry 1) +25 agi for 1 hour

Grilled Squid (alternative food) +10 agi

Scroll of Agility IV (does it stack with everything else?) +17 agi

Insect Swarm (wasted debuff slot?) -2% hit



Cloak of the Golden Hive

Ornate Adamantium Breastplate

Boots of the Unwavering Will

Gauntlets of Steadfast Determination

Helm of Domination

Legplates of Vigilance

Pauldrons of the Unrelenting

Royal Qiraji Belt

Fel Hardened Bracers

Blessed Qiraji Bulwark

Mark of C'Thun

Overlord's Resolution (2/2)

Styleen's Impeding Scarab

Onyxia Blood Talisman



Syncretist's Sigil (Head, Legs)

Enchant Cloak – Dodge

Enchant Bracer - Superior Stamina

Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility

Enchant Chest - Major Health

Enchant Shield - Lesser Block

Enchant Boots - Greater Stamina


Counting all of the stats, it should be +142 def, 189 total agi (before Kings), 5,7% base dodge (before agi), 12% parry, 47% block with Holy Shield, 5% base miss, so total avoidance will be 102.94% avoidance, so you should be both Crit and Crushing immune, and have 4 def and 0.54% avoidance over the caps. You can shuffle some items for the other not listed here for more HP/armor/spellpower/manaregen. If my calculations are correct you should be Crushing/Crit immune in this setup even if it's actually 1% dodge per 20 agi, and if you play Dwarf as well (their ability might be useful).

The gear set is very close to your pre-Naxx BiS and shouldn't suffer too much in ways of effective HP/aggro. I'm pretty sure that not having 1.5x hits, even if they happen once a few minutes is a big plus and is worth losing a bit of other stats. Although if the bosses will really deal several times less damage as you say, it might not be that big of a deal.

I didn't bother to caluclate the most efficient EHP to avoidance tradeoffs between the items and enchants, so there might be an overall better composition. If you include Insect Swarm and other buffs (for example world ones, didnt include either on purpose cause they might be unviable) there might be even more space to manouver.



Will be glad to hear your thoughts on these points, and looking forward to your (hopefully) incoming streams or videos from the official Classic, show those minmaxing mainstream players who is DA BOSS!


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