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Current patch timeline

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We should be on patch 2.0.3 which is the release of TBC and the software we're using is 2.4.3. However, I'm seeing a lot of items that weren't released until 2.3 in game now and other items that were released in 2.3 not in game. Are we following some alternate timeline?

Examples of patch 2.3 items in game now: Guild banks, All primary profession trainers go up to 300 (you don't have to go to Uldaman to train enchanting from 225 to 300), most class talents/spells.

Examples of patch 2.3 items not in game now: Most tradeskill recipes like Leatherworking Ammo pouches/quivers, Drums, Engineering mounts, old world dungeon loot revamped, heroic dungeon keys reduced to honored, etc.


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46 minutes ago, Zancon said:

We turned a few things on earlier - this was done on purpose. 

Thanks. Is there a link to the patch notes for our version of TBC?

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