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[NA - PvE - Horde] <Just Too Epic> Recruiting All on Stormrage Realm

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Guild: <Just Too Epic>

Faction/Focus: Horde / PvE

Timezone: North America

Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9PM-12AM Central Standard Time (CST) [4AM Server time]

Progression: Our first week of Karazhan raids are in the book, and it turned out excellent.  Currently progressing on Netherspite in Karazhan [7/11].

Recruitment: Open to all classes and levels.  We are looking specifically for healers to fill our 25-man raid core.

Notes: Please contact Bigosh, Smiggs or Tuxedoduck for more information or a guild invite. Guild discord information provided upon invitation to the guild.

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hi Drissin im looking for a guild for pvp/pve, i started now with TBC and i cant whisp anyone because im low lvl, my pj name is ishkandir, im playing just for fun now.

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