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I am writing here for GM(ticket will be sent to the game), including because I don’t know where to turn ...

Hello dear Elysium administration, I have to inform you about an unpleasant incident that happened to me on December 20 at 20:37 server time. The player under the nickname "Lexasvoi" has taken the responsibility to very much offend me all over Stormwind. And this is in response to the New Year's game of snowballs and some harmless emotions ... 
The expression “ГОАТИК ПЕТУХ” written by him (ГОАТИК = GOATIK is my warped nickname Goaction) written in Russian has special meaning for the Russian-speaking community ... “ПЕТУХ” aka “COCK(Male chickens)" in Russia means “PASSIVE HOMOSEXUALIST or a person over whom there was absolutely violent sexual humiliation ", more about this can be found on the Internet. And every Russian-speaking person knows this, including he, along with all the Russian-speaking players who saw this ugly insult. 
I ask you to apply restrictive sanctions to this player because individual representatives of the community of our small server should be responsible for insults to other players. 
Thanks for attention!


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If you think were going to ban everyone whom hurts your feelings on the internet allow me to inform you that will not be realistic. You PM'd me on this and I informed you to make an in game ticket so you have now posted it here. This post was unnecessary and the only way to handle in game issues is by in game ticket.

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