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Disgusting Guild Name

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I would like to bring attention to a guild on Stormrage TBC server named "All The Mamawebo Server." I recently found out that "mamawebo" is spanish for "cocksucker" or "dicksucker" or some other type of repulsive homosexual acts. I find this to be very disgusting.  While I would like to give the people in the guild the benefit of the doubt that they are not homosexuals or trying to promote disgusting acts on the server, I find it very unpleasant seeing this guild name on the server. With the low population, the guild is not diluted by a bunch of active guilds and a sea of players.

I am asking those at the Elysium Project to please issue this guild a forced name change for the health of the server and the people still playing on it.

If you are not willing to issue a name change to this guild, please state this so that I can spend my time elsewhere.

I am sorry for having to post the inappropriate words in your forum.

Thank you



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Have you made an ingame ticket with your concerns so that the GM team can look into this? It's hard for us to moderate the meanings of all words in all languages. 

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