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Tried Windowed Mode-Now stuck with Black screen

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I just loaded up the game, created my character, got to the spot to begin playing, and then tried to use windowed mode. The screen went black and that's it. I shut down the game, restarted it, and go right to a black screen with music playing. How can I go turn off this mode in the client so I'm back to where I was before I clicked windowed mode. I've tried alt-tab and that doesn't work.

Thank you!

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Hi Xanthos,

This should hopefully get you going again:

1. Create a shortcut to the WoW.exe. file (Right Click on the WoW.exe file, select "Send To >", and Click "Desktop (Create Shortcut)")

2. Goto your desktop.

3. Right-Click on the "Shortcut to WoW.exe" file and click "Properties"

4. Add " -Maxscreen" to the end of the "Target:" so that it reads similar to: "C:\Elysium Project Game Client\WoW.exe" -Maxscreen (Your path will vary depending on where you downloaded your client to)

5. Run the game through the Shortcut, and this should set the graphics options back to Full Screen, or at least allow you to set it back to Full Screen within the client.

Let me know if you have any issues.

Thanks Xanthos,



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Thanks all. I just reloaded it and it worked fine. I will use your suggestions Werdo64 when I get home. Right now I'm trying to get my laptop to run the client, but I'm at a hospital and that may be an issue with its ISP.

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