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Light's Hope Transferes Update

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Basic Information

Greetings, i have taken notice that people are asking for updates regarding the Light's Hope transfers, so i decided to make this update so you as the players can get more informed about the situation. As you may have noticed for a while now we have disabled the option to transfer from Light's Hope to our server, this got disabled because there was some complications with the transfers, these complications were severe enough that we had to close them for the time being.

Will we bring back Light's Hope Transfers?

Yes, our development team is working on the issues and hopefully we have to working again as soon as possible. sadly we do not have a ETA yet for when they will open.


any further questions regarding the transfers can be asked in the comments here

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When are Transfers avaible from Northdale and Silver Hand Lightshope Realms? i know you had a same GMs so do you continue Progress here too to TBC or Wotlk like Blizzard does? Or do you do any Vanilla Fresh Realms later alongside NightHvaven?

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i tought NightHaven could be everlasting RE-Nostalrius like PVP Realm with LH Transfers, and you should open another like it as progressive Nost code Realms as Darrowshite and Nethergarde was, With new GM community.. 🙂 Because all East-EU-NA players loves Nost code more than Classic,,

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