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Questions about Enh Shaman: Desired in end-game content?

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Though I may eventually try my hand at Resto later, I want to learn Enhancement as my main, as it's the only other class besides Paladin I played on live, and Paladins are not only Alliance/exclusive here, but cannot really do anything other than healing, which is merely a secondary consideration for me. So Shaman it is. 


I have a plan for it as far as talents and professions go. 32/19 Enhancement/Elemental is the talent spread I'm considering right now, with a focus on Storm Strike and Shock spells. For professions, I intend to start with Herbalism/Alchemy for both moneymaking and consumables as I level, then once I've made a decent stockpile of end-game consumables (Flask of Supreme Power, Healing/Mana/Rejuv potions, recommend me some other potions as well), I will drop Herbalism for Mining and gather all the materials I need to hit 300 Engineering in one go, then swap to Engineering for the grenades, Battle Chicken/Arcanite Dragonling and Death Ray (and all the other goodies it comes with). 

As I'm going for an Enhancement/melee DPS shaman this time, Orc is the race I'm opting for instead of my usual Tauren. Some questions regarding the class and Orc racials: 

-Does the 5% bonus to pet damage apply to Engineering pets like Battle Chicken/Arcanite Dragonling, or only Hunter/Warlock pets? 

-Besides Flask of Supreme Power/Distilled Wisdom, Health/Mana pots, what other potions are worth stockpiling before I drop Herbalism? Assume I will also be doing Resto healing on the side when asked to do it. 

-How desired are Enhancement Shamans in end-game content (I.E top 5-man dungeons and raids)?


I'm spoiled by WotLK so readjusting to Classic is going to be a bit harrowing for me, but I'm going to do my best to at least get competent at it, and this class.

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