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A Message from Rain - What a year!

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Hello Elysium!

Wow, what a year it's been.

When the pandemic started, our team felt a responsibility to help in the efforts to inform and educate on how to best protect yourselves and others from COVID-19. Although our team and community come from many different backgrounds, we aren't a health authority. However, we wanted to create a way for learn about the pandemic and PPE measures, while still enjoying the game they love.


In April of this year we launched our custom event - Pandemic Strikes Azeroth! This event focused on COVID-19 information and protection methods from the World Health Organizations recommendations.
Pandemic Strikes 1.png


We wanted to make sure the virus was "too real", but wanted to get data from two phases, to show our community what each one of us can do to stop the spread. 
Phase 1 - Virus infects the population without protective measures.
Phase 2 - Azeroth governments come together as one and send help across the world.

Event information 1.png


Pandemic in Azeroth 1.png

Each phase gave us amazing data, and really showed how much impact we can have on protecting ourselves, and those vulnerable, from the virus.

Overall, the event was a great success. We were featured in over 30 online news articles and interviewed by several media outlets including Kotaku, RockPaperScissors, and LADBible. 

Now, we're in the middle of a second wave and multiple shut downs have occurred across the globe. Although this year has been a struggle for many people, and many of you have lost loved ones, you're not alone - and we will get through this. Everything is temporary.

Finally, I wanted to give a big thanks to all of our players. Without you all, we wouldn't be here offering these unique experiences. Elysium has maintained its population for about 2 years now, without any decline. That's great considering the launch of Classic and other great games! I have a few stats for you:

In 2020
Accounts created: 54,434
Characters created: 176,276
Hoggers killed: 28,223
Ragnaros killed: 8,221
Legendary Items Created: 18
Top Progression Alliance Guild: <Grimoire>
Top Progression Horde Guild: <One Last Hurrah>
Highest Guildmember Count: <Ice Cream Social> - 2,827 members

I'll add more to the list before the end of the year! 

Again, thank you everyone for playing here on Nighthaven! We've got some great things planned for 2021!

Stay healthy and stay safe this holiday season,



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