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Failed by "Retrieving character list"

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hi GM,

I have problem to log in my wow for latest several weeks, when i input my account and passwd, and then show "retrieving character list", and wait for a while, then the "Disconnect from server", no idea what caused this, I had pured my network and reconfigue, but same results, I sure my network's work well. 

so, could you please help to check this? or any suggestion will be appreciated.


My account: saintyin  , some characters like "blackben" "blackwen" "blackmen"

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我在最近几周登录魔兽的时候总是会失败, 在输入账户密码后, 出现“retrieving character list”, 然后在等了一会儿后客户端就会显示“Disconnect from server”, 不清楚什么问题导致的, 有时候等了很久后再次登陆,角色就能显示,但是进入魔兽后很快就会掉线,然后就是这样的错误,以前都是正常的,而且我把插件都禁止掉了,网络也重新修复了一下,麻烦GM帮忙处理一下这个问题, 非常感谢!


玩家:saintyin   部分角色: "blackben" "blackwen" "blackmen"


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