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    No option to resend email verification??

    Check your account in roughly 45 minutes form the time of this post.
  2. Purple Witch

    No option to resend email verification??

    Looking in to this now for you, thanks for your patience. Feel free to contact me via Discord at Purple Witch to follow up. Thanks!
  3. Purple Witch

    Help with Coins purchase

    Should be resolved. Let me know if you have any further issue. Thanks!
  4. Purple Witch

    To the Admin(s) of PTR #1 Server/Realm

    At this point I would suggest a clean install.
  5. Purple Witch

    To the Admin(s) of PTR #1 Server/Realm

    Yeah that's why I was hoping resetting the client settings via deleting the WTF would fix it.
  6. Purple Witch

    Have the rules for reporting ToU violations changed?

    As a player as well as staff member I understand your disappointment. But the fact of the matter is there simply are not enough GM's to be at every incident. A GM must witness these occurences because there simply is not enough evidence from a screenshot to prove that a ToU violation occurs. It is too easy to create a screenshot implying a violation that does not happen. And in some cases a perceived violation is not an actual violation. I can tell you that we are working on ways to reduce safespotting in particular. Though as with anti-cheat measures we will not discuss details in order to protect the integrity of the measures and methods we use. In the future should you feel a player has been safespotting please follow the procedure for reporting them.
  7. Purple Witch

    Any launch date for the TBC realm?

    @Ziggy on Discord regarding test realm raiding info.
  8. Purple Witch

    Server Merge is here!

    Oh and I just noticed your character name in your signature, we run in to each another quite a bit in game on my player toon.
  9. Purple Witch

    Server Merge is here!

    You are one of the few with gear though. The merger should take place within a few weeks. I'm inquiring now behind closed doors to see if a hard date has been discussed yet. I still listen to the soundtrack often. It's to this date in my opinion one of the best soundtracks ever. Did you know Black Sabbath recorded Mob Rules a second time for the Album of the same name? It's not the same recording used on the soundtrack. You didn't miss anything with the second movie. It was terrible.
  10. Purple Witch

    Server Merge is here!

    The reason for the wait is to allow Naxx loot to be fairly distributed across Nighthaven before unleashing 100's of fully geared Naxx geared characters into the realm. Issues with Naxx slowed down the amount of that loot. So what was your opinion on the second HM movie?
  11. Purple Witch

    Server Merge is here!

    Love the original Heavy Metal avatar!
  12. Purple Witch


  13. Purple Witch

    Ledger from Tanaris

    Yes please, use bug tracker. Thanks!
  14. Purple Witch

    Anathema transfer question

    Anathema merger should happen within the next 3-5 weeks or so but no hard date has been set. Please watch #announcements channel on our Discord for updates on this.
  15. Purple Witch

    Token question

    The token is not transferable, it is bound to the character.
  16. Purple Witch

    How do I do TBC?

    Discord #tbc-general pinned messages. Post written by me personally with the absolute latest information and links to every thing you need for TBC. Discord #tbc-announcements for latest updates Discors #tbc-questions for answers to frequently asked TBC related questions.
  17. Purple Witch

    What is the beta xp rate? It isn't 1x

    Pinned Message from Discord #TBC-General channel states: @here TBC Test Server General FAQ - Sign up here https://tbc.elysium-project.org -Get your 2.4.3 client here: https://www.dkpminus.com/blog/wow-2-4-3-download/ Or just google search WoW 2.4.3 client. Set realmlist to: logontbc.elysium-project.org - Phase 1 of TBD testing is general mechanics, questing, and normal/heroic instances. Please report bugs/issues to: Https://github.com/elysium-project/tbc-bug-tracker/issues General info: -This is a beta test server. -We are NOT copying characters from Nighthaven -You cannot log in using Nighthaven client - All level 60 vendors are in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Level 70 vendors for instance testing are in Shattrath. - 10x EXP, Profession, and Skill rate, 10k gold. All characters start at level 60. Draenei and Bloodelf will start at level 1 for testing new zones.
  18. Purple Witch

    TBC Server Name Contest

    The upcoming TBC server from Elysium Project is setting up to be the most "Blizz-like" TBC experience out there and we cannot wait to release. But before we can do that we need a name for the server. So give us some suggestions https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdQcKH4CdX4wrlpj0y4aHDf6L818y778g7ZP44U6QpW4_N_VQ/viewform
  19. Purple Witch

    End of Year Coin Sale

    Dear Community, The Elysium Staff want to wish you all a safe and happy holiday both in game and out. Be sure to visit GM Isle this holiday season and mingle with the staff! Also take advantage of our end of year blowout sale at the Coin Shop. From now until 23:59 Server Time Dec 31'st enjoy a 30% bonus to all Elysium Coin purchases!
  20. Purple Witch

    Lost characters when merging Elysium and Nighthaven

    Sounds like these characters are on the Anathema server. Anathema is offline until that character DB is merged with Nighthaven some time after the first of the year. Check #announcements in Discord for more information on exact date of merger as the date approaches.
  21. Purple Witch

    Can we have our own subreddit?

    https://www.reddit.com/r/ElysiumWoW/ Ask and ye shall receive.
  22. Purple Witch

    How much gold can we take to tbc

    He already mentioned that we will likely be removing the gold form the original NH toon. That will prevent such behaviour.
  23. Purple Witch

    Bugged Voidwalker (sacrifices himself everytime)

    Also do you use any pet addons?
  24. Purple Witch

    Bugged Voidwalker (sacrifices himself everytime)

    Log out. Delete WDB folder, log in.