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    Seal of righteousness double proccing judgements

    Thanks, this seems quet good! Could u explain me why he got a tripple proc? I expected just a double proc. Onyxia hits him at 0:56 for 997 crush or crit. If it was a crit it could trigger reckoning. But there is one Swing beteen the crit and the tripple proc. Shouldn't the hit at 0:57 get an reckoning extra swing?
  2. Pallandox

    Seal of righteousness double proccing judgements

    That's true, but I'm trying to change it. Does anyone got a old video of a Paladin having double Procs while using SoR? I'm trying to convince the team of the server I'm currently playing on. I searched several Posts where someone said it should work, but they're still skeptical. This one came close, but still is not beeing accepted. Sadly it was created one patch later and he skilled reckoning. Please help me to defend the legacy of Paladins.