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    Leveling a lower level pet

    I confirm that your pet getting xp is dependent on if the mobs are green or better for your pet's level NOT your level. Also noted that when in a group doing world quests pet got zero xp. Wonder if that is as intended or not or is that a bug?
  2. Dirk

    Easter egg vendor

    right in Org between the AH and the bank
  3. Incidentally the Verdantis River in Feralas is the one just before Dire Maul when coming from the east. the fishing area for Desolace is the coastline just south of Shadowsprey village. Fished both these areas and got the required fish in about half a dozen catches. I'll update the other two when I get done.
  4. My fishing was at 218 (lvl 45 character) and thought I'd go see Nat to get the quest to level my fishing so i could continue to get skill points while doing his quest. Sadly he had no quest and only vendored items for me or allowed me to buy the Mudskunk Lures. So I hung around and fished beside him to level my fishing to 225 and see if that would help. After hitting 225 i noticed he still had no quest which i thought odd. He would still allow me to vendor items though so I got rid of a few things in my bags as they were bulging at the seams. Then after I de-selected him the question icon popped! I accepted the quest and then thought I'd vendor a few other items only to find out now he doesn't operate as a vendor anymore. Probably will once I complete the quest but this info may be helpful for someone else.
  5. Dirk

    Floating Wreckages issue

    I have fished off the dock in Desolace a bunch and always get chests. Sometimes also the Rum or strangle kelp. The biggest frustration is sometimes when i open the chest i get no loot?
  6. Dirk

    Bugged Hunter Pet

    I have noticed the new pets need a lot of food if until you earn loyalty. I had one run away as well. So that is most likely the case. In reality with only three pet slots the management of your pets are much more complicated that in current Bliz content where you just grab everything. I started grabbing only certain pets to maintain and level them then realized it is pointless. Until you max all your training you always need one empty pet slot or at least one expendable pet. Then if you manage to get a rare (and there are very few you even need to consider (Brokentooth PVP, Lupos Raid/Dungeon/PVE) you have really only one pet slot empty. Then if you haven't leveled a Windserpent (DPS) in a while you're better off to just train one at your current combat level or just grab a pet from the zone you're in. I have decide for me, with the exceptions of Brokentooth and Lupos, until i hit max level there is no reason to grab a special "keeper" pet as I just don't have the pet slots available.
  7. Dirk

    lupos respawn timer

    I have camped Lupos a bit, not excessively but a little. Left my character there on a Saturday and scanned around every hour and never seen him. I was wondering if my unitscan was even working. I would be curious if anyone knows how far does unit scan work? Does it cover the entire zone? Ironically I was in Stonard the other day and my unitscan went off for LUPOS but it was just a player with the name starting with Lupos, I couldn't tell how far away or where he was since I can't seem to find a way to have the "target" show up in the mini map. Anyway, Lupos has a few spawn points so i had to move around a bit to see all the areas even with eagle eye and track beasts on. Over the past month i have seen Lupos dead ONCE and never seen him alive and walking about. Now on Nighthaven there are always people in the zone it seems so maybe i just have bad luck. Alternatively I camped Brokentooth one Saturday with the same plan. Arrived 30 seconds to late to see someone else taming him. Cheered them on and was happy I had a despawn time now. So i checked back every 30-60 minutes and finally found him reappear at the 8 hour mark {got the tame}. Never been so lucky with Lupos.
  8. Dirk

    Tried selling Gold

    I did it yesterday and i only listed 10G from a player Johnlockk. I have looked back a few times and never seen the item listed. Last time i checked there was only a couple listing for 10G. Just checking now there are a bunch more but none from my character. OK i found my listing, somehow i listed at a different ratio of 1.13. I have cancelled the listing. Would be handy to be able to sort by "listers" name. I see that the exchange is actually sorted by best value first, then by total price in coins.
  9. Dirk

    Tried selling Gold

    I tried listing 10G for sale yesterday but can't see my listing in the GOLD for sale and never got any coins for the sale?
  10. Dirk

    Skilling Up Fishing

    Formula seems wonky... N=1 if S<50 and N=(S-50)/25  if S>50 So if my fishing skill is 75 then N=(75-50)/25 which works out to ... 1. That means N=1 if S<75 not <50?
  11. Website looks great. I tried sending a comment from the website but not sure if it worked so i thought i would add my comment here. I think the fishing skill level is calculated when the fish is caught NOT when you cast, Fishing off the dock in Desoalce with only 160 fishing and a +100 lure i catch all the fish but when my lure expires while my bobber is waiting to catch a fish I always get the message, "fish got away" or something like that.
  12. Dirk

    Unitscan full list of rare spawns

    Going to try this tonight. Looks great. I am pretty excited that this will save a ton of time for me running around spamming targeting macros per zone. Curious about whether i have to re-paste the list after every session so it keeps tracking the rares. I am also guessing even if the rare is dead the alert will go off? So downloaded the addon last night and installed but doesn't seem to go off? Opened the lua file with notepad and copied and pasted the text for rares under my character account? Even did /unitscan "petname" and still didn't go off?