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    Multiple Accounts - Same IP

    No problem! Thanks for getting back to me - that is what I was hoping! Everyone will definitely be on their own PCs and could do a verification if needed. I am just excited to be able to have my kids check the game out with me, I am having a blast getting back into this game!
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    Multiple Accounts - Same IP

    Bump (to get it back above the spam...)
  3. Hello all, I am sort of new around here and had a quick question. Is there any issues with multiple people in my house playing at the same time? I know that multiboxing is frowned upon (I 100% agree too) - but I don't want to get like a false negative due to multiple connections from my one IP. I am sure the detection methods are more advanced than that, but I really don't know for sure. Basically, I want to play and then have my kids play at the same time (introduce them to vanilla WOW!). I haven't played official WoW since maybe 2011-ish and I am having a blast so far. Thanks in advance!