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  1. Drakbak

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    @Ickus How so? If Elsyium were to open a TBC realm, what is more likely? Roll Anathema forward or open a fresh realm where everyone has to start over? Rolling Anathema forward won't sustain any kind of reasonable population long-term, even if people "came back" (they already left once, they'll leave again as soon as something shinier comes out), and new players would be deterred because they're "behind" those of us that will have raid gear (imagine the ganking in starting zones). Again, with these players, once a viable alternative opens, they'll mostly leave. There's 2 ways TBC will be viable: open a fresh realm, or roll Elysium forward to TBC due to it's large population. Rolling Anathema forward makes zero sense unless you want to just continue being the beta testers for the Elysium server. That isn't to say if Anathema were rolled forward, I wouldn't keep playing, but I'm sure my view on a reasonable time frame disagrees with your own, which poses it's own issue with rolling a server forward....players will be split on whether or not they're "ready", with the hardcore guilds clamoring for TBC after clearing KT in the first week of release, while us more casual guilds plod along at our own pace. @Keala You don't have to con them into joining.....be straightforward about the server. If you want to skip MC/BWL progression and raid AQ/Naxx, Anathema is the place to be. I constantly see people who want to play on a lower-pop server getting turned away immediately because "Server is dying, roll Elysium". Maybe people from the Elysium realm would like to reroll here because they're sick of MC/BWl and don't want to wait literally months for more content to be released? Don't outright decry a suggestion because it disagrees with your own views.
  2. Drakbak

    Anathema LFG

    There is no transfer option. If I were you, I'd just look for a good guild to socialize with as you grind your way up. You may not be able to do the dungeons you want right now, but if you find a good group of people, you'll have fun all the same.
  3. Drakbak

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    People are very quick to bash the Elysium Project for mistakes made in the past, but in truth hindsight is 20/20. The decisions in the early days are not the cause of our current woes, but do prevent us from taking curative action, such as a merger into Elysium. Hindsight shows us that everyone would be better off if Elysium started on the same patch cycle as Anathema, but we can't change the past and we can't force Elysium players to cater to our needs. The people running Elysium are hobbyists, not professionals. Some lessons have to be learned the hard way. Unfortunately, this includes the debacle that was the War Effort (which is where I place the blame for current issues). It all arises from volunteers/hobbyists that are doing their best for the Project, but have lacked experience and have made mistakes. With luck, future endeavors of this Project will be managed more carefully due to this new-found experience. There is no saving Anathema, but it doesn't need to die, either. TBC is not a reasonable solution. The best players on Anathema can hope for right now is to just keep on trucking with the content that's prepared for us until either the server is no longer funded or until Elysium finally catches up and we can properly merge. If you want the server to recover, then encourage people to roll new characters on Anathema instead of scaring them away. Then help these new players level up and do the low-to-mid level dungeons they can't find groups for. It's the only reasonable way to add fresh blood to this aging (not dying) server. We can rebuild Anathema one person at a time if we work together as a collective.
  4. Drakbak

    Anathema LFG

    Anathema is more progressed in content, so people usually roll on the Elysium server because they "won't be so far behind". Anathema doesn't have a strong leveling base, and many of the remaining players are raid-loggers. You'll have a hard time finding groups for low-level dungeons, but once you're 60, many raid guilds will be more than happy to bring you into raids and gear you up so long as you can commit to their schedule.
  5. Drakbak

    Problem with Nost Character Transfer

    From what I recall, some time after the Nost team backed out of the arrangement, the Elysium devs did a purge of character data. I don't know the exact method they used to determine who to purge, but it was something along the lines of whether or not the character "existed" on the server (i.e, logged into the world on Elysium's server). If your character was stuck in limbo at the time, and you were never able to successfully log on to play him, I'm sorry for your loss but he's gone for good. I have several friends/guildies that had to reroll due to similar issues.
  6. Drakbak

    How to save Anathema

    How to save Anathema? By taking your squabble behind the swings during recess to settle it like boys. Then letting the rest of the community have a civil and mature discussion.
  7. Drakbak

    How to save Anathema

    Sorry dude, I"m East Coast US and raid NA times, so I guess my opinion is relevant, right? If there isn't a schedule that suits your needs you have 2 options: start your own guild with like-minded people, or try running some PuGs to see if there's an interest for these time slots. The same issues were present on retail and somehow people made it work. The server not working for you is not the same as the server being dead. Edit: I will allow that I'm horde-side, and from what I've heard Alliance-side NA is in worse shape, so my apologies if this is your case.
  8. Drakbak

    How to save Anathema

    Long-term: The devs need to have a plan because continued population loss will eventually kill the server. But right now, the server is fine, albeit not in it's former glory. Yes, it sucks that the population has dropped and a lot of guilds have fallen, but there's still plenty of guilds out there. Problem is, most people have an Ego too big for their britches, let their guild die due to pride, then quit because "recruitment is hard". Lower population means that you can't support as many guilds. When that happens, the population must shift in order redistribute to a supportable number of guilds. Unfortunately, that requires a number of guilds to cease operating, with several of the player base deciding to quit rather than move on, further hurting the population. My guild is stronger now than we've been in months due to a new influx of players countering our own losses. We had one of our best raid performances ever last night, despite most of our new recruits being fairly fresh 60s. We got a couple vets from other guilds, but most guys are fresh. What's the difference? Population normalization. No longer is there 10+ guilds recruiting for approximately the same time slot, feeding off a population too small to support such an effort, and no longer feeding off each other. The server is not dead, and there's plenty of fun left to be had in the coming months, so long as you don't get in your own way.
  9. Drakbak

    Anathema patch 1.10

    Guys, it's coming out in July 2018, they haven't missed any targets yet
  10. are you sure you're addon is working correctly?
  11. Drakbak

    <NA> Horde Team Blackout 6/15 Naxx

    Received a lot of great new peeps in the last week or so, but always looking for more! Tanks, Healers, and DPS...we've got room for all!
  12. Drakbak


    They posted on discord, that 1.10 will be here with this week's maintenance. But last time they said that, all of a sudden there were a host of bugs that needed fixed, and stayed mum about it until the following week, so your mileage may vary....
  13. it looks like alliance on server hasn't figured out how to turtle, must be nice.
  14. Drakbak

    AV Backdoor

    Says someone who has probably never played horde in AV...