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  1. Auto complete went of Yesterday at 10:30 pm est while doing dome work on the system.
  2. You might not see it move every single day. But it wont got over the time frame we set before. Some days it could see more %put in and other less.
  3. I replied to the other topic, Lets please keep topics on point. You will see a new way to have members speak with team members soon though!
  4. Relying only on auto complete would make WE end 4/19/2017 Depending on the number of player turn ins would make it end sooner, but no Later than that date. We are on schedule currently to be the first Private server with an Unerfed scepter chain, AQ 20 and AQ 40, I am also in talks with the guilds for the PTR sessions. Keep in mind things could happen that push dates back. (locking thread)
  5. All quests should be working now, let me know if you find any missing.
  6. It is in game, but will start Friday night, set it to delayed start for the first day to not impact the server when we added it Wednesday with everything else we patched. So Saturday morning, then every day going forward you will see the increases.
  7. This is being put in, it added but not visually will be fixed for you guys!
  8. We have released the Silithus Field Duty Quests on Anathema today! We wanted to give players a chance to experience these quest lines before the zone is over run with AQ players, and also help provide players with content leading into the AQ PTR. These quests provide level 60 heroes a chance to work together in an outdoor pve style boss encounters together with NPC's to acquire raid level gear.
  9. Link

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    There was a small error that updated the War effort Numbers but they were still displaying the old numbers. A fix has been applied and new numbers will be shown after a server restart which will take place during non peak hours. Numbers that changed: Shared: Copper Bars: 350,000 Purple Lotus: 300,000 Thick Leather: 1,000,000 Spotted Yellowtail: 500,000 Alliance: Iron Bars:275,000 Thorium Bars:600,000 Arthas’Tears:400,000 Stranglekelp: 150,000 Light Leather: 275,000 Medium Leather: 300,000 Roast Raptor: 200,000 RainbowFin Albacore: 200,000 Linen Bandage: 550,000 Silk Bandage: 850,000 Horde: Tin Bar: 175,000 Mithril Bar: 175,000 Peacebloom: 275,000 Firebloom: 95,000 Heavy Leather: 350,000 Lean WolfSteak: 125,000 Baked Salmon: 150,000 Wool Bandage: 350,000 Mageweave Bandage: 475,000
  10. Link

    The War Effort Reborn

    Great question. Lowering the materials will still not get players to turn in materials. Players at this point could choose or still not choose to farm/do turn ins. Players have been vocal on both sides as to why they are doing the turn ins and why they are not. Lowering the turn ins once, maybe again and maybe another time does not keep the feeling of team work. Giving an optional event (not needed but highly recommended) Would give those players who want to help but not turn in materials and other players who have already farmed, a way to still team together to complete this event.
  11. Link

    The War Effort Reborn

    We took 70% of materials active level 60 accounts who logged in during the Month of February. and then added an amount to that number for all materials. The Calculation was done the day before the war effort launched, and we actually then even reviewed the active account log ins for the 4 days prior to launching it. In this case more players are trying to sell the materials needed, or just still storing them in banks and we can not force players to do turn ins. Hence lowering the numbers will still not force players to turn in materials. This will give players another way to hep the war effort. We want players to have to come together as a team in order to complete the War effort. We will not be giving players tons of materials so they can choose to keep them etc. This will be an optional way to help greatly with the war effort we really do not want the war effort to go longer then the original planned 3-4 weeks when we started.
  12. First off, thank you to all the Players who have been turning in Materials. At this time almost 5.5 MILLION Materials have been turned in since we launched the War Effort. A shout out to the horde for finishing a turn in by completing 850 Thousand Rugged Leather in about 4 days! When setting the goals of the War Effort, we wanted a challenging yet achievable event, something that brought players together both within and across the factions. The War Effort was not about turning in a large amount of Materials, it is about the spirit of cooperation between factions that are often in open war with each other. Having Guilds and Factions working together to complete a goal to unlock a new Raid was the desire. So while a large amount of our players have contributed to the Effort, an equally large number would prefer to keep their stored materials or sell them on the Auction House at inflated prices while waiting for the event to be auto-completed. We will not be auto-completing the event, or lowering the required materials as that goes against the philosophy of the event. However, it’s in nobody’s interests for the war effort to continue beyond the stated 3-4 weeks in our original post. So, over the coming two weeks we will be challenging the community to come together in a unique way to participate in an in-game event that will greatly help in completing the war effort. This event will be designed to foster working together, and put a hard cap on how long the war effort will take to complete that is far more in line with our original timeline. It might be time to put down your gardening and mining gloves and pick up your swords. “Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?”
  13. Link

    The War Effort Continues!

    Yes we have been tracking it also. A side note about stock piles....They haven't run out, actually players have increased the amount stored on active accounts, but they are not turning them in. Total active player log ins since WE started could finished just over 2 war efforts with current set totals
  14. Link

    The War Effort Continues!

    A WE Update will be out this weekend. We have taken player feedback from all the positives and negatives and have listened to our community. I don't want to give details yet since we are not final, but don't worry about WE taking 8 weeks +, yes still continue to turn in materials now, they will still be used.
  15. We will have information on a better way to address things like this also stay tuned