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  1. Tjaz

    Alliance side BGs

    You can /who that. Anyway, Warsong Gulch active daily. AB weekends AB all day. AV weekends AV all day.
  2. Relax, it's not the best joke on earth he just dropped. Relax..
  3. We will see AQ, dont listen to some guy that has to much time on his hands 'Investigating' LOL.
  4. AV is awesome on AV weekends:)
  5. To be very honest, even if everything is true I'll still play. It is so much bullcrap to call me a sheep when Im simply enjoying myself. I find it laughable that someone thinks he is taking down the government of a goddamn country. It's a game. enjoy it or don't, it's that simple!
  6. Loads of dungeons. Not many tanks tho. Pvp is active and queue's are short/instant! (Horde side)
  7. You probably never been bane in the first place.
  8. Tjaz

    Alliance or Horde?

    I disagree, every day I say loads of activity on horde. In the leveling experience I've seen almost all dungeons and plenty of people to do group quests with. More then in vanilla. For the balance more horde players would be great tho!
  9. Tjaz

    serveur down ?

    Guys read their twitter, just a fix. Chill out for once....
  10. Bunch of golds buyers crying. Bye!
  11. Tjaz

    Nostalrius Won

    On retail vanilla realms at this specific time (USA its 2AM / 5AM) (EU +/- 11AM) there weren't 1800 people online. For vanilla that is a lot considering we had a cap at what, 3k? That many people online when most are in the office busting their balls or sleeping is really really good.
  12. I think there is a big bulk of players that realize its a long fucking way when they get to level 35+. Other then that, more then healthy playerbase on every realm!