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  1. caoyang

    Shaman's water walking Problem!!!

    Additionally, being on the surface of the water in ghost form would also result in the same issue.
  2. As soon as I use shaman's water walking, i would immediately disconnect. If I was on the surface of the water before I disconnect, I would in big trouble because when I log in, I would appear at the bottom of the sea, taking fall damage according to how high I was relative to the seabed before the disconnection. I have died a few times due to this bug... please fix it...
  3. caoyang

    Alexsensual's new video about Elysium.

    Lol, good point. Had to admit that I'm not a big fan of him but he's good in terms of how much negative sentiment he can take in and still be positive.
  4. caoyang

    Chinese problem solved

    No...more like fun in a not so freaky way...
  5. caoyang

    Chinese problem solved

    It's never boring to read topics like this.... so much hate, yet so much fun...
  6. caoyang

    Development Update 25.01.2017

    Hate to push it, but is the release of Ahn'Qiraj on Anathema going to be delayed? It is almost February; some info on that will be great.
  7. caoyang

    Nostalrius Won

    Maybe Im just not smart enough but does what you just said have anything to do with what I posted? Or did you quot the wrong guy...
  8. LOL, are you suggesting to block all IPs from that entire country? If that is the case, have you considered the possibility that some of these gold seller might be from your country? Or you are just so sure that people in your country would not do anything bad?
  9. Not suggesting that you are not doing a good job (which you did), but where is Pottu? Did he resign?
  10. caoyang

    Nostalrius Won

    Most Chinese players are off for the Chinese New Year...Of course there will be less people on the server...
  11. caoyang

    RIP China

    Nah...not gonna impact Chinese players....
  12. caoyang

    Screen freezes

    Can some from the Admin try to address this issue. I think it is a problem for many people, including myself. For those who tried to solve the problem before, have you guys found a fix yet?
  13. There is already massive clustering, but as people level up, it make sense to increase the cap because people are more spread out among different zones, lessening the clustering problem... I truly admire/appreciate your incredible feat... Maybe just increase the cap for another 2000 so that the population can be as high as the old Nostalrius...
  14. Just increase the fking cap on the Elysium server... The old nostalrius does not have a cap