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  1. Docholy


    Heal bot is garbage and prevents you from mastering your class. Dont use it.
  2. Docholy

    TBC login.

    Is all the login information the same for the TBC client? Thanks.
  3. So its been near a year since i logged in when it was Anathema. Is my account still active? The information I put in is accurate, just keep getting Disconnected at login.
  4. Docholy

    Shenna's Resignation

    If you want to become a US citizen Shenna and leave all this mess behind PM me. We can work out a mutually beneficial contract.
  5. Its people like this that charge back a donation.
  6. Docholy

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    A server merge might be a good idea for the low pop servers mentioned. Lowers the cost of servers no?
  7. Docholy

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    WTB CC rep vendor!
  8. Docholy

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    TO EVERYONE QQ'ing, watch this video. This rogue grieved and sniped countless devilsaur leather. All you QQ quitters dont have skill or the drive to form groups to fight back. Dont blame the devs.
  9. Docholy


    Oh how ironic. A guild that exploited via an Admin is leaving due to "trust" issues. Sorry you can't plant loot anymore. RIP
  10. What a laughable plea from a horde toon. So you want the clear advantage that is the human racial to be suppressed for the AQ gate quest. The impact of this quest is nothing compared to the total IMBA racials horde have on a daily bases. This is funny indeed, well done. Excellent trolling, TOP MEME!
  11. Docholy

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    Good to see an increase in required materials for war effort to be scaled to player base. However the quest chain player cap isn't cool.