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  1. Very true, but last nail in the coffin that Indi prepared wasn't nailed in by him, but by that leaked Reddit "don't tell anyone..." Also "indi <to the better future> on that kodo...like, really Elysium? Can you add more insults to the injury?
  2. it'll be awesome if someone pins this tutorial
  3. Elviss

    Post Your UI #3456789

    It is Discord Art (I don't think btex works on vanilla client)
  4. Elviss

    Mac client crash on launch

    Have you changed default system memory for addons? If you use addons and haven't change default system memory, this may be cause for client crashes.
  5. Elviss

    Nerf Will of the Forsaken

    You miss my point, things are either balanced, or not balanced, either 1 or 0, can't be "balanced too much"... But that was joke anyway...thanks for the response tho
  6. Elviss

    zk to darrowshire

    Will be really easy to find another PvE realm, there is shit ton of other PvE servers all over internet... Common sense, anyone?
  7. Elviss

    Nerf Will of the Forsaken

    For the sake of conversation, would you mind explaining how is it possible to balance something too much? :D
  8. There is attack table for every type of attack. And it is 2 roll. Look, go to BWL. Put just crit gear on your self and see what will you come out with, and then put some hit gear after. See the difference for your self.
  9. Generally in vanilla you first have to hit before you crit, idk in which iteration it was changed, but I'm pretty sure we have, as you described, 2 roll system.
  10. Elviss

    Post Your UI #3456789

    From the aestetical stand point, I'd make player/target/tot frame match color of action bars and chat/ktm/dps frame and also angle of right side of player bar and angle of left side of target bar match angle of neighboring side on target of target frame match each other (my knowledge of English seem to be little limited to explain exactly what I mean by this, I hope you get my point). Other then that, very nice and unique looking UI.
  11. Elviss

    zk to darrowshire

    Who's shaking your cage? Go play where you want and let other decide for them self, none care for your opinion.
  12. Elviss

    zk to darrowshire

    I'm not quite sure what you talk about... Right now raidstats are down, but... If you have someone using raidstats addon to record your runs, it will record your ID from the moment first trash pack is killed. If anyone do, as you say, pre-clear trash, it will show on raid stats. If they do it, like, in one day before actual boss kills it will result in 24h+ raidtime record. If they do it in same day, it doesn't matter if you skip some trash or kill all, it is not cheating. Obviously skipping some packs is faster but it also brings some risk, if you can pull it without compromising your speed, it means you'll be more efficient time-wise. Hopefully raidstats will be up some time soon... Till then don't claim something if you don't have record to prove your words.
  13. Elviss

    zk to darrowshire

    Still.....why clearing so slow? Fastest=more efficient more efficient=better
  14. Elviss

    About the PVE server

    It really depends what you are looking for and how much tolerance do you have for bull poo. First of all, people don't pug anything more then UBRS. There are couple of good guilds who are clearing all available content and waiting for BWL to be open, so if you can get your self in one of those you might have some good time (if farming MC and Ony can be called that way), but other then that, I can't see any of new guilds doing same any time soon. Number of players who are fresh to vanilla, and who are just looking to endlessly level their toons without getting their hands on end game content, is mind blowing. Don't get me wrong, there are good PvE players, just you hardly can find them outside those top guilds and you'll most likely need a lot of patience for any 5 men run with number of random players. On good side, community is, all in all, much more tolerant and generally behaving better. Ofc, don't expect realm completely free from troll wanna be ill mannered kids, but I'm pretty sure their percent is much lower then on any other realm. I found my self more then once in run that was generally slow, and not quite good from the player stand point, but on personal level I had really good time with total randoms who were genuinely nice people. Also, I appreciated a lot, that, when you are farming consumables for raid you won't have to waste time on unwanted world PvP (which was, for me, major reason to roll on old Nost PvE) I hope this makes it bit more clear for you.
  15. He said it was reserved did not he? Then what's the problem? People have the right to reserve all loot for them self if they effin' please, you have the right not to join them if you don't like their rules. Other then that, posting some screen shots of your conversation together with screen shot of their loot rules announcement would be a welcome thing in cases like this. Otherwise this kind of issues would turn into one sided say-so witch hunt. Don't get me wrong, I'm not on their side, hell, I don't even play on PvP realm, but I'd like to have some order in this kind of cases so that we won't have to deal with buthurt accusations without actual proof on daily basis. edit: Yea, looks much more clear now that you included screenshot. Cheers.