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  1. why is devouring plague not affected by spell damage on this server? or at least it feels like it
  2. Call to Arms: Improving PvP!

    would be awesome with us being able to queue from rested places. Just add a BG Npc in Inns we can queue from. Pls make him attackable
  3. Whats your favorite game!!

    vanilla - tbc - WOTLK Gems of war Path of exile League of legends
  4. About High lvl vs Low lvl's

    i got ganked so many times by alliance highlevels while leveling. and here i am.. not whining but taking my revenge. I use my kill on sight addon and take my revenge. Revenge is much more sweet oh and i dont kill grey targets unless they engage in combat with me! this is war .. not a carebear institution
  5. another evening with alliance premade.. not gonna queue thats for sure
  6. well some people is against changes (people doing premades and PVEscrubs) letting us sign up from the world would make people go out from cities and into the world while queuing all the time. or at least have the ability to do so instead of going to cities and sit there and wait for XX amount of time.
  7. let us queue from the world with a .command- but not while in party..
  8. This is not acceptable! Very problematic Not cool One man needs his personal space!
  9. TBC without flying

    how will you reach certain points then?
  10. Automatic bag sort

    nevermind i finally got it solved :)
  11. Automatic bag sort

    hi again now see the addon in my addonlist :) but it says "Dependency missing" Do i need another addon also?
  12. Automatic bag sort

    i tried that one and added it to my interface folder but i cannot see it under my addon list. I am not sure what i am doing wrong. i do the same with all other addons and they work
  13. pvp in world or no pvp as it is

    Hi, the problem can be solved with the aid of guildmembers helping you, logging out, changing quest area or relax in an inn. Yes getting ganked by much higher level people is annoying but still temporary! Write down their names.. take revenge when you hit 60 Revenge is sweet!
  14. Automatic bag sort

    could you give me a link to a working version? :)
  15. Automatic bag sort

    hi on my old TBC server i had an addon that would auto sort the items in my bags. sadly it does not work here in vanilla. Does anyone know an automatic bagsort addon ? Or is anyone able to change the addon so it works in vanilla :) ?