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  1. Syanis

    Herbalism Spawns

    20 mins spawn timer for average herbs. Catch is now vs vanilla there are more herbalists, more people with epic mounts and mount speed enchants, and addons that track where herb spawn points are. Also with exception to like black lotus most herbs share timers so people clear out all the wanted good stuff leaving trash and when u come along if all their is is trash you have to clean that up for the good stuff to spawn and just about when its all good stuff someone else comes along and grabs only the good stuff.
  2. Some good points here and yes its true all servers except Elysium are struggling. Zeth is dead and being merged Darrowshire is on the brink of death, Anathema is starting to flounder as well. All new peeps go to Elysium not because they want PvP but because the population seems stable and active. Now also what caused this in part is lack of planning, thought, and taking care of players especially on Darrowshire. Darrowshire was completely ignored by the staff and still is in most ways. Many players left because things that would have been fixed on Elysium within days take well over a month on Darrowshire like the ZG enchants and vendors. Rules are set and on the forums and website Devs say certain rules apply but ingame when you try and get those things to apply the ingame GM's say screw off. I even felt threatened when I petitioned a GM on a chained infernal griefing and quoted the forum post from staff saying its not allowed on Darrowshire and the GM said otherwise and I had to accept that and not question him or else. Now in regards to server merges I heavily disagree with merging into 1 big server because I like many really don't want to play on a PvP server including many currently on PvP servers feeling forced to play their unless they want a dead server or not play at all. However I think we need 1 PvP and 1 PvE server and Elysium staff screwed up big with Zeth which its to late to properly rectify but due to that they owe something back. I'd say allowing full account transfers to any server should be allowed with mentioning that all servers will fold into 1 PvP and 1 PvE server and take tallies from players where they plan to transfer to so we can see beforehand if our planned server would have a proper population.
  3. Syanis

    Darrowshire to Elysium?

    What time is this dungeon lfg spam? I'm Oceanic/Aus time and other then weekends I struggle to find groups as a tank or healer even and average time to get a group going seems to be about 1 hour. Off-peak time population gets as low as 600 and peak time I see around 1100 during the week. Most people just sit around the major cities no interest in anything other then raid logging, farming, or just standing afk for hours.
  4. Not sure what crack your on but its obviously seriously tainted. Struggle to even find a group for a 60 dungeon most days even as a tank. Most raid guilds are struggling to fill enough of the raid now to still keep going. Guilds collapsing left and right. Only timezone that is managing alright for raiding is NA and EU timezones. Server low pop time is now 600 with peak during the week at 1100 ignoring that out of those at least 200 are farmer, bots, or AH accounts. Darrowshire is on the verge of death.
  5. Sounds good to me. Elysium is already crowded (which is good in many ways) but to be the default would hurt Elysium along with Anathema which is on the decline. Since those on Zeth as well have a choice if they get defaulted someplace else no one to blame but themselves and if during a 3-4 week gap can't even check the news to get defaulted then why should anyone actually care as those players aren't just waiting but simply gone if they can't even be bothered to watch for news for what some may say they are waiting on.
  6. Syanis

    Booster got caught

    That's enough to warrant a ban per Elysium's rules and history. I know of a number who have been banned for the same activity and there really isn't a way to *prove* multi-boxing without a doubt. However a fair number of the banned cases end up getting restored sometimes do to wrongful judgement but more often lying out their rear. However like said need to petition ingame and then have screens (better video) showing it as well. Extra bit thou is of late the GM's/devs don't seem to really give a damn about darrowshire so who knows if they would care enough to investigate.
  7. Syanis

    Hardware, servers, and funds

    I'm not looking for transparency on where the money is going but for the Elysium Staff to be working hard at an enjoyable game and fixing things. I however play on Darrowshire where its hard to find groups as most only raid log now with a dwindling population. Bugs that have been ingame for a fair length of time still not fixed but its always bugs that makes this rougher for players while bugs that assist players are fixed or slapped down fast. Things like ZG Enchants can't even be gotten on Darrowshire now nor token gear turn ins while they exist on other servers because Devs aren't concerned with fixing things but when ZG enchants were found to be easy to be attained due to a bug Devs quickly stepped in to disable them while weeks now and still not fixed. These things are on Anathema so what is the issue porting it over or least leaving it up to the players advantage. How about the armor token vendors? What's the issue there? Yet other bugs that make things harder on players have been ignored for months before being fixed if even fixed. Then policies for servers like Darrowshire are posted and easily found yet when something ingame happens obviously against those policies and bannable like a warlock using a bug to exploit kill players while staying perfectly safe themselves when reported the GMs say its allowable even though written rules state quite clearly and obviously otherwise and refuse to even investigate.... things allowed on a pvp server but not the pve server per Elysium's own rules. Things like this doesn't encourage people to play let alone donate and with the staff ignoring even giving details on how they are looking to resolve issues and week after week we just hope blindly for a fix. Well one has to wonder why even bother at this point. So for me I'm playing on a server that it seems is bottom priority for Elysium Staff and while I could donate and would be happy to IF we actually had regular feedback and reports from the staff on what they are working on to improve things that deal with my gameplay as long as I'm left in the dark my wallet will stay closed.
  8. Syanis

    Zg update gear update?

    From what I have read a lot of items *should* have been buffed or nerfed in the zg patch. It looks like the nerfs came in but as far as the buffed gear it seems Elysium peeps ignored all that. Lost so much stats between my chars and they few things that should been improved are still the same which is generally crap. Not sure if arcanist was a zg patch thing though.
  9. Syanis

    zk to darrowshire

    There is a spot for your kind on Darrowshire and think you'd be surprised how easily you can connect with similar types when you look and are socialable.
  10. Syanis

    Transfer to pve realm

    Leveling really isn't that much work. I'm on my 4th round on Darrowshire and if you know how its not bad at all.
  11. Some may not want to admit it but Diz is right. Zeth is dieing and it needs to be put down. Its in the best interest of the servers and project to keep those players so transfers is the only thing that makes sense. After all would YOU want to transfer to a near dead server on a steady decline? Of course not. The only question left is how to manage the transfers. They could all go to Elysium being merged in and be done with it. This is the easiest solution for Elysium because they could simply copy over all characters at a set date to Elysium and be done with it. However this doesn't address issues that some of the people went PvP over the hype of a *new* server but didn't expect pvp to be what it is and all its griefing and drama and hate it. Those would people very much rather go to Darrowshire which also severely needs a pop boost even if just a few hundred go. Some people as well are just bored with the state of progress on Zeth and Elysium wouldn't fix that where Darrowshire is the mid point and Anathema is the far progressed one. This means the best solution is allowing a transfer token system where on X date accounts are saved and allowed to be transfered to server of choice at a one time window. More work for Elysium staff of course but it provides the best longer term solution to all 3 servers and retaining players.
  12. Syanis

    Herb spawn rate

    In Vanilla gold was much more scarce so prices couldn't be inflated so high. The ways many of us make money now weren't known to most back in the day along with many of the addons we use today weren't known. The current BiS raid and pre-raid lists were non existent and many pre-raid bis back in the day was often considered your tier 0 gear by many as silly as it often was. Today your average 60 hits 60 with better gear then many 60's who had been there for weeks and working on gear, We know where spawn points are fire herbs, mines, dire maul books, and what is good or not. There are a number of ways I could make 40gp+ an hour (even a lot more with a bit of luck) and most of these are known by the core population. None of this is wow vanilla like because that was well over a decade ago hence not blizzlike. But still the market manages what players can afford at often at the top end of things. However some additional problems have arisen which do need to be addressed. Gold farmers/sellers far bigger then back in the day in part because completely free vs a $20-40 game and $15 a month sub to play. Also someone can have a dozen accounts if they so choose and people log camp timers for things like black lotus and such where if they have the timer they rotate camp/log to find it. One of the biggest things they could do to fix some of these issues wouldn't go over so well but would require some form of payment or person verification and limiting how many accounts someone could have.
  13. Syanis

    Auction House - Alliance

    Few things: 1. Players are cheap! 2. Its all about BiS items which is rarely crafted items you can sell. Those that are BiS items like lionheart helm people rather gather mats and pay a crafter 10gp tip to make it. Others like Devilsaur are of heavy interest except #3. 3. Most people now are already max level and have all their BiS pre-raid or better. Those still hitting 60 are extreme casuals and the very rare newer person often to cheap to want to buy stuff. 4. Most everyone has all the important crafts to do those things for them already or a friend/guildie and for free often. So while you *can* make money with a craft prof you need those rare enchants to turn a slight profit or raid drop enchants for any real profit. You need those flask recipes to make a real profit. So on and so on. Generally yah need that rare stuff your unlikely to get. Now there is small money to be made here and their but often easier and better money farming methods if have the right class for it. Herbalism and Miner still makes money but miner its all about the rare gems and mainly arcane crystals, herbalism about black lotus and a few other herbs. Thing is everyone and their brother has a miner and herb and stuff is farmed 24/7 with timers watched.
  14. Quite the opposite. They screwed up bringing back old Nost servers and characters. That is one thing they never had to do and if from the start of the talk of Nost handing over the core it was understood or seen as a *Nost* decision those players wouldn't of raged at Elysium and would simply of rerolled fresh. Sure, a few wouldn't have returned but most that did still would have returned and it would have been much more streamlined. The biggest mistake was Zeth though which drained needed population from Darrowshire and Elysium of people who thought they could be the next pvp bigwig and controlling stuff while 99.9% of them utterly failed. So many quit due to the nonsense that goes on with pvp servers and people thought it would be some form of semi honorable or fair pvp which is utter nonsense. Best thing they could do is offer xfers off of Zeth while closing it down. Transfer to Elysium PvP or Darrowshire for those who feel stuck but don't enjoy the pvp environment as they first thought they would. If even allowed xfers off of Elysium to Darrowshire and vice versa may even bring back some people. But we all know they won't do the right thing, just the easy thing while most servers continue to die.
  15. Syanis

    Promoting darrowshire growth

    *fixed* for those saying about BC. The Truth is we have a diminishing population and with the continuing decline along with the assumption at any given time 100-150 of those on are botters, gold farmers, gold sellers who will never contribute to the game but harm it we see in about 2-3 months a lot of guilds having to merge or collapse even with ZG coming next month. Its gotten so hard for new people to find groups or even 60's to find groups because most now are raid loggers and do the odd thing with guild outside of raid only. IF and SW are crowded with those who sit in their all day long with NO interest in anything but raiding and eventually people burn out and just quit. This doesn't help the small trickle of new blood that hears about us and gives it a try because quickly they feel all alone. Now of course we are limited on what we can do to stop the decline because we can't force people to play outside raiding or making alt after alt. But the thing we can do is try and keep sizable enough of a population with limited choices of where to go as to keep the population high enough that their are more to fill in. In this regard while Elysium won't admit it but they really dropped the ball hardcore opening Zeth which drained numbers from Darrowshire hard because people who wanted a new *fresh* server but not really pvp and Elysium was just to crowded. They wanted that chance to be top dog and have learned that *top dog* takes 10x more then most who thought they could could ever put in. Those players are trapped on a server they don't like as many had no idea what vanilla pvp servers were really like with the griefing and corpse camping and many of them quit rather then reroll. The solution would be simple enough. Close down Zeth and allow transfers to Darrowshire and Elysium from Zeth. One could even offer limited transfers from Elysium to Darrowshire. to help balance the populations. I'd be betting on Elysium and Zeth there are at least a few hundred who really don't like the pvp atmosphere yet can't be bothered to reroll and are likely to be lost soon enough regardless and it also make bring back some returning players who got sick of the pvp style zone controls and gank fests.