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  1. I am missing my blackhands breadth trinket. I may have accidentally sold (Can you even sell it?) it or deleted it by mistake cleaning up my bank. Stupid on my part. Is there a way to get that item restored? Can i redo the quest? I was wondering what would the proper avenue be to a resolution? In game ticket, or take it up with a GM in PM's? Thanks!
  2. This is going to get shot down with fire but here we go... Did anyone else enjoy reading the ban appeal section?? I mean the whole it was my brother or a distant cousin i let use my account. Or i didn't buy that gold and just say wow.... It really helped pass time at work for me. Considerations are appreciated @Pottu !
  3. So i rolled up on a lvl 55 mage with low health about to die to a yeti is WS last night. I was polite, i killed the yeti for him. He thanked me. Then i killed him. I was kind enough to save him durability. Us rogues have souls.
  4. Rickrolled

    elysium server over populated

    The Anathema population would love some of ya.
  5. One can only hope we will have the ability to either copy a character or a 1 time transfer in the future. One can only hope. Also a possible merge at somepoint. But its all speculation. Speculation that has been beet to shit as well.
  6. Rickrolled

    NA/EU Whats your MS?

    Looks like im moving to Europe!
  7. Rickrolled

    NA/EU Whats your MS?

    Damn thats some low ping.
  8. Rickrolled

    NA/EU Whats your MS?

    That happens to me time to time during melee pvp or when i am charged by a warrior they charge me 3 times and they are still at a far distance not allowing me to attack, all the while my HP bar is diminishing.
  9. Rickrolled

    NA/EU Whats your MS?

    Forgot to mention i am in St. Louis central USA @130 ms so i guess im not in terrible shape.
  10. Hey folks, I am floating around the 119-130MS range do you think its worth going to a VPN/Proxy server? I have some slight lag issues in BGs but nothing serious. The other question does anyone use proxy servers and see a major difference in their ping? Thanks in advance!