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  1. Jakira


    Locking thread. Answers have already been given. Jakira
  2. Jakira

    Herb spawn rate.

    This is already being addressed and handled. The devs are aware of the situation and will look to resolve it as quickly as possible.
  3. Locking this thread, we have players from all over the world that play our servers. We are looking into long term solutions for the health of both the population and the servers themselves. Thank you
  4. When you press ok does it give you your code? Also, this seems to be a google error, not from us. You can try to use the manual code from the 2FA setup email and use one of the chrome extensions from google for authenticator. This way you do not have to use your phone.
  5. Locking this thread, as it has now devolved into flaming and trolling. We are constantly looking at the population across all servers and looking towards long term solutions. Thank you for your feedback. Jakira
  6. Locking thread as it is pretty self-explanatory at this point between our ToU and the OP. Jakira
  7. Jakira

    So Downvoting eh...

    We removed the downvoting of topics. We do appreciate the feedback though, but I'm going to lock this thread.
  8. Glad to see you being nice for a change ;)
  9. This thread has run its course, thank you for your thoughts, concerns, and information to back up your claims. We will look into all of this during the weekly core lead meeting. Thank you, locking the thread. Jakira
  10. Jakira

    Chinese realm

    We apologize for the inconvenience that the lag is causing you and we will investigate further. Thank you, Elysium Staff
  11. Jakira

    Hardware, servers, and funds

    it's not Shenna's account, Shenna had a different account, this doesn't even belong to Shenna. It's the project's account.
  12. Jakira

    Bring em down.

    I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread, but you pretended to be an RMT and we did our job and banned you. As always, we are not selling chars, gold or items. Elysium Staff
  13. Jakira

    Beware, the Soulflayer is coming

    It will be enabled with the maintenance that we do weekly on Wednesday.
  14. Greetings Darrowshire, Adventurers, get your shields up and your priests ready because you face the wrath of the Blood God on the 26th of April. Among the Zul’Gurub raid coming to Darrowshire, patch 1.7 will also be introduced alongside the instance. Patch 1.7 brings about more changes to the world of Azeroth, new quests, new items and most importantly Zul’Gurub. Regards, Elysium Staff