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  1. Res

    Healing Priest pvp spec?

    I would recommend getting 2/2 In Improved mana burn. I'd probably go something more like this from my experience in Battlegrounds, (I'm primarily PvE player) It will give you a much bigger toolbox and harassment: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#bxMus0bZbxtZVMGpcz Mental Strength is great for PvP though.
  2. Res

    Booty Bay and mounts

    Same with boats and other similar "no-mount zones"!
  3. Doesn't make much sense to have the default language set to Russian, especially having the options menu to change language back to the world-wide Internet standard English language (and Latin alphabet) in Cyrillic script. So even if you knew you could change language, it is extra hard to find! Good job on that. Liked the other forums better, liked the simplicity, but I guess this theme is easier on the eyes at night since it's darker.
  4. Here you go: Spirit of Aquementas Good to see some discussion here, going holy instead of Disc would benefit healing more and provide less support, I think they are both solid in different circumstances/guilds/content. This thread opened up my eyes to how wide the horizons are as a priest, and I hope other people get something out of it as well.
  5. Res

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    Using 2.12 When I use the built in click casting feature my incoming heals don't show up on unit frames. If I manually click the spell incoming heals show up on unit frames. Nobody else seems to have this problem so it must be a problem on my side, tried reinstalling the addon and deleting my settings in WTF folder, but it still uses my old settings, where can I find and purge them? Video visualising problem:
  6. Res

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    In raids I see incoming heals on everyone, on all frames, from all other healers EXCEPT my own heals. Did I disable something by mistake? How do I fix this? I'm using the latest version
  7. Res

    ELYSIUM - The Story so far

    We will see how it plays out tonight... Stay tuned!
  8. To make it easier to find relevant threads I suggest you subdivide these forums. Example: As it is now, if you want to find for example a thread about specific macros you have to look through a bunch of UI/Addon threads since they outnumber macro threads by a lot. Another reason this is a good idea is to put all the unwanted "UI Thread", "My UI - what do you think?", "Rate the UI above you", "The Official UI tThread #23245" etc. in one place without getting in the way for actual AddOn help or link threads.
  9. Res

    The value of Wolfshead Helm

    How big is the DPS increase over let's say the second best item? You say there is no better item, what kind of stats would an item have had to have to compare? Are we talking 10 times better, more? Less? As far as I know this item is still in-game on retail with the same effect, Why don't high level druids use it? I'm thinking at some point stats must've out-valued the effect? I'm just curious! Thanks!
  10. Ever wondered what the REAL STORY begind Elysium was? Watch the efforts of or heroes here: This is actual footage from the events that took place, I only did some editing for clarity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TUBvNygMiE
  11. Res

    How difficult/complicated is priest healing?

    Hardest part while levelling is all the warlocks saying "you don't have to heal me I have life drain" so you just stand there at full mana and let them die because you have social anxiety and problems confronting people so you're too afraid of healing them. Then you have to spend all that mana resurrecting them anyway. Once you hit level 60 the opposite happens, all the warlocks want you to heal them but your gear is crap so you have to focus on the tank, which means the warlock will life tap to death and die and you have to spend all that mana resurrecting them anyway. TL;DR: Just have the warlocks soul stone themselves
  12. Res


    My work here is done
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6W2RVvE2tM /Kind Greetings Res
  14. Res

    Vintage screenshots

    Not mine, but you might enjoy these images from development, early 2000's you might have seen them before: http://imgur.com/a/wO39T one of my favourites:
  15. Res


    I made this on Nostalrius and forgot about it. The intro and outro is just there ironically because people always put really long intros and outros on their videos, but now it just looks bad. Levelling in Un'Goro (1:10) Oh yeah, it's a Swedish thing.